Thursday, August 25, 2011

Adam: Cassi Had the Worst Effing Mouth

Adam:  What a trucker!

Jeff:  What?  Worse then us when we play pool?

Adam:  She was always saying 'thanks sweettits' and stuff like that.

The HOH lockdown is over and Jeff and Jordan have moved back into Candy Land.  They are laying in bed and talking to Adam and Rachel.  They discussed that PT was a joke-stealer and would repeat Jeff's jokes without giving him credit.

Jeff said that something feels weird in the house, but he can't put his finger on it.  For one thing, the missing items have started to reappear, but I think someone in the DR told Shelly or Rachel where to look.  "Mr. Quackers" was found floating in the HOH toilet tank, and the chess pieces have reappeared as well.

Jeff isn't so sure that the "snake game" will be used for the HOH competition.  When they got to practice the golf game, the instructions said to practice for the HOH.  But the note that they received last night said that "good balance may be rewarded".  He thinks it might be used for the POV and that's a good thing since he and Jordan are pretty good at it.

Jordan pointed out that just because Porsche was good at it last night, that doesn't mean she would be good at it today.

Porsche came in during the conversation and they switched to lighter topics.  Like the fact that the first week in the house, Porsche had really bad "beef jerky farts" in Candy Land, according to Adam.  Jeff adds that Porsche "blew one by the hot tub yesterday that slapped him in the face".

Adam:  Don't worry.  Nobody's shit doesn't stink in this house!  (funny)

Jeff:  When I walk in the room and smell perfume, I know Porsche's been farting.

Jeff says it will take him 10 minutes total to take a shower and get ready for tonight.  Adam has already showered.  Jordan plans to start getting ready around 2:30.  I think they have rehearsal first.

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