Wednesday, August 31, 2011

About Kalia's Dog....

There is a growing buzz on the internet about Kalia's relationship with her dog Bentley.  As a dog lover myself, I have a hard time hearing some of the things Kalia says about little Bentley, who is about 7 years old and is a Yorkshire Terrier.

Here is a summary of what I have heard Kalia say about Bentley. Straight from the Horse's Mouth, so to speak.

*  Bentley has horrible behavior and everybody recognizes it.
*  Kalia asked the house guests and the live feeder community if anybody wanted to take him off her hands.  Maybe she was kidding, maybe not.
*  Bentley still hasn't been house trained properly.
*  Bentley bit Kalia and she THREW HIM AGAINST THE WALL

(When Rachel heard that, she was alarmed and told Kalia that is not the way to treat or train a dog.  She gave examples of how she trained her Rottie Benz whom she adopted from a shelter.)

*  Kalia is considering getting another dog, even though her family said she can't even handle having one.
*  Kalia's boyfriend Derek, whom she talks about all of the time, has only met Bentley once.

Kalia has been telling the girls that Derek lives on a boat, and describing all of the time she spends with him at night on the water.

Rachel:  And he's only met Bentley once?   Why?

Kalia:  Because I usually stay at Derek's...

Rachel:  But he's so little....

Rachel wanted to ask who was watching Bentley while Kalia was away all night, but the New Quiet Rachel didn't make a big deal out of it.  But it was clear that she has issues with the way Kalia treats Bentley.

I have issues with the way Kalia treats Bentley, too.  I'm willing to bet some of the fans are also concerned about that as well, and that Kalia will find out more about that a few weeks from now....

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