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Dick at Night 8-29-11

This show was taped last Sunday night.  Dick was still on his road trip, "at a friend's house".  There is not denying that Dick was on a "trip", though.

 He was obviously high as a kite, leaving Matt Hoffman (BB12) to try and restore some sort of order to the broadcast.  James Rhine (BB6 and Allstars) was also a panelist.  Howie Gorden was at James' apartment and appeared on camera several times in an annoying way.  Maybe they are roommates?  At what age do these adults stop having roommates?

Matt knew right away that someone needed to take the lead so he bravely tried to hold the show together.  You can see that cool framed bat that he has---I mentioned that in another post.

There were a number of dead air silences---usually Dick keeps the conversation going and has a list of topics he wants to cover.  You can see that Matt put on his Diamond Power of Veto to demonstrate how cheap and tacky it is.  He keeps it hanging on the wall which is cute.

Howie really tries to be the center of attention, as you can see.

Yeah, yeah, Howies naked.  But look at Dick---he is way fucked up.  At one point Matt read a caller's question that said "Just how high are you tonight?" and Matt graciously acted like the question was directed at him and started discussing an operation, and pain pills (kidding).

Then Dick said that Marijuana is legal.

Matt:  Not in Illinois....

Dick:  Well it is in Colorado!

I love to smoke pot and have actually done it several (hundred) times.  Dick can handle his weed---he's a big boy.  I have no idea what he was on tonight.  Maybe he was high on life...

He did tweet an apology at one point, saying "sorry but I was a little out of it on the last show" but I can't find that tweet now.  It either got deleted, or maybe I imagined it.  Maybe I was high!  ha ha ha.


Here is something I forgot when I first posted this recap:

James Rhine was originally on BB6 teamed with Sarah, his girlfriend.  I heard him say on the live feeds that his partner was supposed to be a male friend of his and Sarah was substituted at the last minute.  Tonight he says that his friend backed out because he didn't want to be on TV, or something like that.  James learned that his friend backed out when Robyn Kass from Casting called to tell him.

Here's the thing:  James has not talked to his friend at all since then.  He thinks his friend should have been man enough to call him and explain why he didn't want to be on Big Brother, rather than having Robyn do it.

I thought that was interesting....

Dick at Nite 8-25-11

This episode of Dick at Night aired just after last week's explosive live show, which featured the double eviction of Dani Donato and Jeff Schroeder.

Evel Dick's guests were Jun Song (winner BB4), Jessie Godderz (BB10, BB11), James Rhine (BB6 and Allstars) and Rob Cesternino (from several Survivor seasons).

Dick did the show from his mom's house and at one point she closed the door due to his profanity.  Ha ha.

Jessie was thrilled that Jeff was just evicted, understandably.  You may recall that when Jeff won the Coup D'Etat in BB11, he used it to evict Jessie, who was shell shocked by the move. But not as surprised as Chima, who was HOH that week.  As you know Chima pretty must lost her shit over that and was removed from the game a few days later after destroying property and being obnoxious to Production.

Rob interrupted the show to say hello to his daughter and blew her a kiss, ala Shelly.  It was funny.

Rob participates in a Fantasy Football league with a bunch of reality people--the draft information is what you see in the background there.

They discussed how you really aren't supposed to talk game in the Jury House. Jessie said that if you are there with someone you don't like, you don't even have to talk to them.  Or see them, even.

Jessie:  You're just sharing a kitchen, at that point.

Jessie was more personable than in the past, and seems to have developed more personality.  He did have to flex a few times for the camera, but I don't think he can help that.  Dick tried to get him to admit that he got handjobs in the BB10 house from both Lydia and Natalie, but Jesse did not respond to that.

As you may know he now has a wrestling contract with Impact (or something like that) and gives thanks to a long list of names to people who have helped his career (including Hulk Hogen and Bubba the Love Sponge).  He lives in Florida now and says he has a girlfriend.  (Kendall, maybe?)  He has taped a few matches but says it is up to the wrestling league when they are broadcast.

Dick says several times that CBS must be shitting a brick to lose two big players in one night--Dani & Jeff.  No one predicted that Production would create a new twist or diversion to shake things up, but maybe they assumed this was obvious.

Dick has been out on the West Coast for a week now.   He went to LA for some sort of mystery audition and is visiting his family tonight.  There were a few technical problems in the beginning of the show but everything went okay.

Dick also reiterates how stupid Jordan is.  At the request of a caller, he re-tells this story:

Dick:  We were all sitting around the pool one day and Jordan was talking about a friend of her's who is in the Middle East (or somewhere---I don't remember).  I asked if he was in the military and Jordan said, no, he's in the army!

So that is pretty stupid.  Jordan isn't a rocket scientist like Brendon is....

Shelly is Still a Liar

During the meeting with Shelly, Jordan asked her if she threw any competitions, or if she really tried.  Shelly mentioned one competition that she threw, but said she tried hard in all of the others.

After Shelly walked off, Jordan could barely contain herself with Rachel.

Jordan:  OK, that's a lie!  Right after the robot competition, she told me she threw it!  I swear she said that she put three pieces on the back of the robot instead of two to look like she tried. So that's a lie right there....

Rachel brings up how mean Porsche and Kalia have been to Shelly since Monday, when she went up on the block and they assumed she was going home.  Rachel doesn't trust Shelly at all.

Rachel:  Shelly knows they have ignored her since then....

Jordan really wants Shelly out because she trusts Adam, but Rachel wants to evict Adam, knowing they can beat Shelly later.

Rachel:  We just have to be really logical about this......

They both agree that Kalia thinks she has won the game already, and is on a "high horse" about it.  (That is a true southern expression, if you've never heard it...)

As they discuss Adam, we see him on camera, swaddled in bed.

And now we see Kalia literally stuffing herself into the top of her dress.

Rachel and Jordan Approach Shelly

with a deal.

Rachel walks up to Shelly and the patio and starts the conversation.

Rachel: OK Shelly.  If you were to stay.....

Shelly:  Oh my god I think I'm going to throw up.

Rachel tells Shelly she knows Shelly is going to try to evict her---she knows it.  Shelly denies it and then Porsche comes out.  They start talking about nail polish and then Porsche goes on an on about her HOH pictures and how they should pose for them.

Shelly:  Porsche, do you mind if I talk to them?  There are some things I need to clear up before I leave tomorrow.

Porsche goes upstairs and reports to Kalia that some sort of negotiations or deal is taking place downstairs.  Porsche thinks Shelly will throw the HOH in order to give Rachel and Jordan a better chance of winning.

Meanwhile, outside on the patio, Shelly tells Rachel that everything Rachel said to her yesterday was right on point, and that after that conversation Shelly went and put Rachel's stuffed dog back on her bed.

Rachel: Oh I knew it was you!

Shelly:  It was.  He was inside the Kleenex box.

Now Jordan brings up Shelly's behavior during last Thursday's live show.  Shelly tells them that behind the scenes on Thursday's show, Kalia was saying that she wanted to nominate Jeff and Jordan.

Shelly:  Kalia was the ringleader.  I've told you everything to your face.  I know I've hurt you (to Jordan) and I don't do that to people.  I will do everything in my power to make it right with you.  I will stand up tomorrow night and tell everyone whose side I'm on.

Jordan:  I just want to be sure that you don't vote out Rachel.

Shelly swears she won't.

Jordan:  But if it was so easy for you to turn on Jeff last week, why wouldn't you turn on us?  Fool my once, shame on you, but twice....shame on me.  What if this happened with Tony?  How would you feel if you were completely blindsided?  Wouldn't you be angry at me?

Jordan brings up Shelly's behavior during the snake competition---she was elated when Porsche won and it was obvious.  Shelly talks and talks about her mistakes and how sorry she is.  She says she does not want Kalia or Porsche to win.

About Kalia's Dog....

There is a growing buzz on the internet about Kalia's relationship with her dog Bentley.  As a dog lover myself, I have a hard time hearing some of the things Kalia says about little Bentley, who is about 7 years old and is a Yorkshire Terrier.

Here is a summary of what I have heard Kalia say about Bentley. Straight from the Horse's Mouth, so to speak.

*  Bentley has horrible behavior and everybody recognizes it.
*  Kalia asked the house guests and the live feeder community if anybody wanted to take him off her hands.  Maybe she was kidding, maybe not.
*  Bentley still hasn't been house trained properly.
*  Bentley bit Kalia and she THREW HIM AGAINST THE WALL

(When Rachel heard that, she was alarmed and told Kalia that is not the way to treat or train a dog.  She gave examples of how she trained her Rottie Benz whom she adopted from a shelter.)

*  Kalia is considering getting another dog, even though her family said she can't even handle having one.
*  Kalia's boyfriend Derek, whom she talks about all of the time, has only met Bentley once.

Kalia has been telling the girls that Derek lives on a boat, and describing all of the time she spends with him at night on the water.

Rachel:  And he's only met Bentley once?   Why?

Kalia:  Because I usually stay at Derek's...

Rachel:  But he's so little....

Rachel wanted to ask who was watching Bentley while Kalia was away all night, but the New Quiet Rachel didn't make a big deal out of it.  But it was clear that she has issues with the way Kalia treats Bentley.

I have issues with the way Kalia treats Bentley, too.  I'm willing to bet some of the fans are also concerned about that as well, and that Kalia will find out more about that a few weeks from now....

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Big Brother After Dark 8-29-11

This episode aired last night.  I'm not really sure why I am watching it now.  I intended to watch a few minutes but Missy stopped by and yadda yadda yadda I'm riveted.

Rachel and Porsche decide to do some baking.  They used the side of the Gold Medal flour bag to find dough recipes.  Rachel compared that to a recipe on the side of the private label sugar bag, and decided to make homemade cinnamon rolls.  They also decided to make sugar cookies with M & M's in them.  Kind of random, but why not cook to fill time?

I am kind of a foodie who used to bake a lot, so I was cringing while I watched Rachel put the dough together.  She thought kneading the dough meant to push and poke it while spreading it all out.  And she improvised the filling recipe that got rolled up inside the dough. Waaaayyyyyy too much butter.

Rachel and Porsche gossiped about Shelly while they baked.  Rachel had a list of reasons why she thinks Shelly has a lot of money.  For example, Shelly said they used to own a 5,000 square foot house in Minnesota that "a gay couple bought from them for a lot of money", her daughter goes to private school, Josie has a trapeze or trampoline or some shit in her room, etc.  They also remember that Shelly said she had her own company that she sold to a bigger company, and she is always traveling to China.

Rachel:  And then I thought maybe they used to have money, and got laid off or something from the economy.  But why wouldn't she tell us that in this game?  I would talk about that for sure.

Jordan came in for a baking update---she's not really into cooking.  She looked in the freezer to get a snack and found some sort of frozen Minute Maid fruit pop and said "Oh---that's from Jeff!"  She grabbed it and started opening it immediately.

(I think that was from Jeff's HOH room.)

Rachel:  Oh, do you miss him so much?

Jordan:  Yes. .....I think I would have been better if I knew a week ahead of time.

Rachel:  No, I think that could make it worse.

They started talking about how much fun Brendon and Jeff must be having in the Jury House.  Rachel goes on and on about their bromance and how much they love each other.

Rachel:  They're like, best friends and they even dress alike!

Shelly:  Yeah, they look like they belong together..

(Rachel really, really wants to be BFFs with Jeff and Jordan after the show is over. She is obviously thrilled to have friends this season.  She really did have no one at all except Brendon last year.)

Jordan talked to Kalia on the patio about what to expect in the next weeks.  She breaks the bad news that if Kalia wins, she probably won't get to go out or have sex after the finale.  Jordan whispers that this is because "she will have a bodyguard" with her.

Kalia's aunt watches the live feeds.  After the first few interviews, Kalia couldn't tell her any information, but her aunt said "you have to let me know so I can get the special on the live feeds"  (ha ha ha) and then when everything was final she called me saying "oh my god I got the live feeds and everyone at work is going to watch and vote".

One of Kalia's sisters watches Big Brother, too, and her mom planned to start watching as well.  Ha ha After the end of Big Brother All Stars her aunt called and left her a voicemail saying "I can't believe Mike Boogie won!  Did you hear what he said?", and Kalia hadn't had a chance to watch the finale yet and was mad.

Jordan and Rachel get called to the DR for a Duo session.  Jordan was caught by surprise and hadn't done her makeup, particularly when compared to a fully made up Rachel, but I guess they went in there anyway.

Adam is talking about how he lays on the couch and watches Showtime Big Brother After Dark on the DVR.

Junk in the Trunk

Yeah Porsche.  I'm talking about you.

Porsche is so lazy that she watched Kalia work out today.  That's pretty lazy...

But at least she's not wearing one of her velour ensembles.....

Adam Asks Permission to Listen to Rhianna, AGAIN

and Porsche loves to be acknowledged as HOH.

Porsche:  You love Rhianna, don't you?  Are you going to put a shirt on first?

Adam:  Nope.  I'm going to take my pants off, too.  I'll be freeballin' in the HOH.

Kalia:  You know there's, like, cameras up there!

Adam:  I know.

Rachel is sitting outside reading the Bible.  (Yes, you read that correctly.)

Rachel just bought a Volkswagon SUV and she and Brendon are going to share it.  He can ride his bike to school.  They are going to put the insurance in Brendon's name to get a better deal.  Rachel admits she has had a lot of accidents and traffic tickets so her insurance rate is high.

She doesn't understand all of the traffic signs in California and has gotten tickets because of it.

Jordan Makes a Salad

and cleans up after herself as she goes.

Rachel comes in from outside just as Jordan finishes making her lunch.  Rachel says it looks good and Jordan agrees--she's excited to eat it.

They start talking about their conversations this morning with Shelly and Adam.

Jordan:  You talk to one of 'em and you feel better about that.  But then you feel bad about the other one.

Jordan feels better about keeping Adam because "he is a terrible liar".  Rachel wants to make the right choice to ensure that they both "make Final Three no matter what".

Rachel says that when she walked up Porsche and Kalia stopped talking and that seemed sketchy.

Jordan:  Well, you know they're planning something...

Rachel:  The two of them are so against Shelly right now....after everything she's done.

Rachel keeps saying that the next HOH is a big one, and Jordan reminds her that from this point on, every competition is important and they really need to focus on the next HOH and POV to make their numbers work.

Jordan finally gets to eat her salad and you can hear the crunchiness when she takes a big bite.

Adam Worries and Tells Jordan

that Rachel and Shelly are having a conversation on the patio.  She's just out of bed and finished brushing her teeth.

Adam: They're deep into it, talking about the game and what happened last season...

Jordan:  Rachel is playing devil's advocate..

They discuss how Shelly is trying to twist everything now to keep herself in the game.   Adam tells Jordan he's not ready to go home yet.  He wants to win HOH on Thursday and go to the Final Four.

Adam admits that both Jordan and Rachel have votes from their boyfriends on the Jury, but he says he doesn't care about that.  Jordan tells him that he is disposable to Kalia and Porsche, but not to her and Rachel.

Adam feels better and says he had to say something, because he "knows how Shelly can talk"....

Shelly: Aren't You A Little Bit Happy Jeff is Out of Your Way?

Rachel, pausing:  No.  I would have loved to be in the Final Three with Jeff and compete to win.

Shelly:  Yeah, that's right you love to compete.

Rachel tells Shelly she was a manipulator and she did a good job.

Shelly:  Oh, I hate being called that....

Rachel:  Well, Dr. Will was a manipulator, and he was a genius.

Shelly is starting to get excited about this---she wants to be a part of all of this.

Shelly:  I'd be lying if I said that I didn't want to sit in the Final Two chairs!  I would be lying!  It would be a dream come true!

Adam is up and making his bed now, so I'm sure this conversation will come to a screeching halt soon.

Shelly:  This has been a weird season.  It's not a normal season of Big Brother.  I don't mean this in a disrespectful way, but it's like, here's some Heros, and here's some Zero's.  I'm not a Zero outside of this game, but inside of it I am a Zero in many ways.  Imagine what was going through our heads when six superstars came in here!  You can't imagine how horrible we felt!  I thought, I've left my family and my kid and now this! I didn't have a way to compete in this house!  The challenges are a weakness for me and I can't change that.

(I remember in the early weeks of the game, I would watch everybody drink and laugh and play Big Booty and I Never and it was obvious how uncomfortable Shelly was.  She moved around the perimeter of the games, wiping down the counters with a sponge and picking up litter from the table.  It made me feel uncomfortable just watching her.  Sometimes they would have an I Never topic that made Shelly uncomfortable and she would jump up and say so, leaving the room.  Looking back at it, it is a surprise that she is still hanging around.  She better be glad that Jeff smoked, because his need for her free "rippers" gave her hours and hours of time to converse with him.)

Shelly:  The thing that I am looking forward to most is to manipulating the shit out of Kalia and Porsche this week.  I can't stand the way Kalia acts.

Adam has come outside to do laundry but hasn't joined them on the couch yet.

Rachel discusses how Daniele told everyone what to do like lost puppies.  And in the end Dani went home with nothing.....

Shelly Bribes Rachel

with the "past, present & future" diamond ring.  She is going to give the ring to Rachel right now, and if Rachel goes out of the door she can take it with her.

Shelly:  And trust me, you're not leaving with that PARENTS bought that for me!

(Note that the ring is still on Shelly's hand.)

They are going around and around with Shelly doing most of the emotional talking.  Rachel is calm and rational and keeps coming back at her with skepticism.

Shelly:  I will give you that diamond and if you leave you can take it.  And my PARENTS gave me that ring.  That is how fucking serious I am!  And Jordan will not go on the block, either.

Rachel wants Shelly to win a competition and not throw them.

Rachel: With votes Shelly, I need to know that you are not voting Jordan and I out.  If we don't win HOH this week, there is a good chance one of us would go home.  If I win the POV, then they might send Jordan home, and that's a bad idea.

Rachel has brought up several times that she and Jordan are sticking together "no matter what".  (This alone will help Rachel when the season is over---some of that Jordan Halo Effect rubbing off on her will ease the public's reaction to her.)

Rachel:  I'm not voting out Jordan.  I'm just letting you know that.

Shelly says a bunch of assuring things.

Rachel:  I also know that you told Jordan yesterday that you would take her to the final two....

Shelly:  I do feel badly for what happened....

Shelly: If I Stay Here, I Can Keep Cleaning and Doing Laundry!

Rachel:  Look.  Let's be clear.  If you were the HOH, and Jordan and I were sitting here with a list of reasons why I feel I should stay, would you even listen to me?  Against Jordan would you even listen to me?  If I hadn't won the POV I would have been going home.

Shelly:  Hem...haw....hem...haw   When you were on the block, I spent three hours trying to make sure you would stay here..I got Lawon on the block for you!

Rachel:  Because there was a twist that week, I think that had something to do with it, too....

Shelly:  That's not fair to me..

Rachel:  Here is my personal standpoint on you in this game.  I think you did a great job.  You played both sides of the house the entire time.  I noticed it on Week #2.  It's similar to Dr. Will's game.  Everyone in this house was convinced---you played up to Daniele, you played up to the Newbies, you played up to the veterans.  You did a great job.  You're not exactly a competitor..

Shelly:  I accept that....

Rachel: ...but you played the game.  And I am a fan of this game, and I have studied it.  When Brendon left I had to change my strategy, so something worked.  It was better that I didn't win competitions.  And I had to learn a new social game.

She tells Shelly she has been trying to get her out of the game for weeks---she saw exactly what Shelly was doing and she wanted her out.  She and Jordan have to think about the best way to get to the end together---they both have different strengths and weaknesses and they have to consider that.

Rachel:  The fact that Kalia and Porsche are so against you right now kind of makes me want to keep you.  The main reason why I evicted Daniele is because I told her not to tell anyone that I was involved with the plan and the first thing she did is run and tell you.

Shelly:  Are you serious???

Rachel:  I couldn't trust her.  I never wanted to turn on Jeff and Jordan--so that's a big deal for me.  But I do want to win the game and keeping Daniele who is a big target would have helped me.  Keeping Jeff in the game would have helped, too.

Shelly Blows Smoke

in more ways than one.

She and Rachel are sitting on the patio and she is making an aggressive plea for Rachel to keep her in the house.

Shelly:  I have no where to go!  I have absolutely no where to go!  I will say who I am with out loud and have no problem with that!  I DO NOT want either one of them to win!  Just sitting here and listening what Kalia had to say last night made me sick!

Rachel:  What, about her kicking her dog?

Shelly:  No, her saying that if she were in Manhattan she wouldn't speak to me or Adam.  She's arrogant!  And I don't like what she stands for.  She talks about how perfect she would be in a certain job...well, she doesn't have a job!  And Porsche is a lovely person, but she did nothing for 4 weeks!  Yes, she won the last two little (?) things, but that's it.

Rachel pushed back a few times, saying if Shelly wants to give everything away for Rachel to win, why is she in the game to begin with?

Shelly:  And Adam....if that's your guy, just know that he hasn't done one thing here.  And I know Brendon thinks that, too.  I made a big move in the game and it bit me in the ass.  That bridge caught fire and I accept that, but I haven't thrown anybody under the bus.  And I've really tried.

This conversation started with Rachel discussing her cramps and the probable onset of her period.  She is relieved that she isn't pregnant, but I think she feels a little sad about it.  Shelly took that opportunity to tell her about being pregnant, and what to expect, and then launched in a financial conversation about how if Rachel wins BB13 they can use that money to live for a number of years while Brendon is in school, and maybe have kids earlier.

Shelly tells Rachel that Adam will not nominate Porsche or Jordan, due to his connection with Jeff.  And that Kalia will not nominate Jordan and has repeated this throughout the game.

Rachel:  He won't nominate Jordan because he thinks he can beat her?

Shelly:  No, because of Jeff.  I don't know who Porsche is playing for, or with, but I do know that she thinks a newbie should win.  And Adam thinks that, too.

Rachel:  I went to open casting two years in a row!  Give me a break!

Shelly:  Adam thinks there should have been 14 new people, so they are all on an even playing field.  He said he loves the way you play, and even had a crush on you when you first came in.

Rachel:  Ha ha.  I know.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Reality News Online Interviews Jeff

“Once Someone Crosses Me, I Can’t Trust Them” – Reality News Online’s Exclusive Interview with Big Brother 13’s Jeff
by David Bloomberg -- 08/26/2011

Jeff went from the top of the Big Brother world to straight out the door in less than an hour. Did he think it was fair? What does he say about the game – and others – played? Did he trust or mistrust too much? How does he think Jordan will do, with Rachel as her only real ally? And what does Jeff have to say regarding his comments that were widely seen as anti-gay in relation to Harry Potter and Professor Dumbledore?

After a blur of an episode, Jeff went from king of the castle (or at least Head of Household) straight out the door. I was able to ask him some departing questions, touching on the way he played the game, his thoughts on the others, and even his controversial comments that were widely taken to be anti-gay. Read on to see what he had to say!

Reality News Online: Hello again, Jeff, and thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for us here at Reality News Online. Getting right to it, what was your initial plan coming in, knowing you'd likely have a target on you?

Jeff: The plan was to lay low. That is what you need to do in this game and let stronger people go after each other. We had to fight from Day 1 as the veterans as we were outnumbered by the other houseguests. And Daniele thought the grass was greener on the other side, and it wasn’t.

RNO: You played hard and went from the top of the mountain to out the door in just one night. Do you feel it was fair to go out the way you did, with no real chance to talk to the other players?

Jeff: That’s the game of Big Brother.

RNO: Do you think you trusted – or mistrusted – the right people throughout the season? And why was it so hard to trust anyone other than Jordan?

Jeff: I think mistrusted. You never know who to trust. And by being in the leadership role, it’s hard to make a decision. The reality is not what it seems like inside the house. I mistrusted everyone in that house – except Jordan obviously.

RNO: How do you think Jordan will do now, as it seems Rachel might be her closest ally?

Jeff: I don’t know. The way I play the game is opposite to the remaining houseguests. Maybe she will have to take more naps like everyone else in the house.

I think Jordan will do fine. I’m out and she is in – she did it without me last time and she can do it again.

RNO: How would you compare this season overall – from personalities to game play – to your original?

Jeff: My first season… I think there were more personalities inside the house. People were not afraid to express who they were. This season – people didn’t express their personalities or maybe they just don’t have personalities worth expressing? (Smiling.)

RNO: Your plea to Shelly for her vote asked her to look past what happened today. Can you please expand on exactly what it was that went down and why you thought it would turn her against you?

Jeff: It was just to call Shelly out. She made three deals with other people in the house. That might have been my demise, but it happened the way it happened. I wasn’t scared of anyone in the house, but ultimately that was my demise. Either way, I’m out and they are in.

RNO: Unfortunately, a lot of the live show was almost completely muted due to foul language. What did you say to Shelly right before and then after the vote?

Jeff: I think I used the word “integrity” and their lack of it. The whole game – from beginning to end – people bashed Rachel. And I tried to keep that in check with Rachel and with other people. And the fact that they picked Rachel over me… for someone to talk all the time about one person and then pick them over another person is a judgment of your character.

RNO: Not to give away your jury vote, but if Jordan isn't in the finals, what will you be looking for in helping to determine how you vote?

Jeff: Who played the game the strongest. I’m not awarding anyone $500,000 for taking the most naps… it will be someone who steps up and makes some big moves and shows me that they deserve it.

RNO: In your goodbye video for Daniele, you said you wished you could have worked with her but you didn’t trust her. Other than going all the way back to her actions in week three, why did you feel you couldn’t trust her now?

Jeff: Once someone crosses me, I can’t trust them…

RNO: You have been something of an America’s favorite, from your first time on Big Brother to your time on The Amazing Race, and now back on Big Brother again. But with that comes scrutiny as well. How do you think people have reacted – and should react – to the comments you made a little while ago that could easily be construed as anti-gay, such as those made in discussions about the Harry Potter series?

Jeff: My hesitation was not regarding the fact that he was gay… my point was that you cannot send your eight-year-old kid off to a magical fantasy land… regardless of whoever is in charge. I would not send my kid off to a fictional, magical land. It came off wrong and I apologize for that, but again, that was not my intention.

TMZ Reports on the Threats to Shelly

Here is the link to the TMZ story.

Please, let's play safe out there.

Dick at Nite 8-25-11

This episode of Dick at Night was taped on Wednesday, 8-25-11, basically the night before the double eviction.  Dick did this show live in California---hence no fringed window valence behind him.

Evel Dick has two guests--Mark Long and Crazy James (BB9).  Dick introduces Mark Long as one of the grandfathers of reality TV. Mark was on the first season of Road Rules about 16 years ago and there are numerous jokes about how old Mark is.

Dick points out that Mark's season was just after Puck's season on Real World.  (Dick is a friend of Puck's.)  Dick says that he went out with Puck "just after the accident"  (I guess he is referring to Puck's DUI accident where he drove off the road with his kid in the car.) and while they were sitting at In 'n' Out Burger a guy came up and asked to sit with them, saying in awe that he knew who they both were.

Dick:  That guy is probably still talking about his lunch with Puck and Evel Dick!  (I know I would be...)

Dick introduces James from BB9, saying "he's not dead, he's not in Europe, he's right here in Southern California" and asks James what bar he is opening up.  (Escondite in downtown L.A.) Seeing James makes me sad.  He's not "Crazy James" anymore....his twitter name is ApexJames.  I'm not clear on if he owns the bar or just works there.

Oh snap.  James is all business and asks for Dick's take on the Production Scandal with Daniele.  He mentions reading on Jokers that two camera operators and a segment producer will quit if Dani leaves.

Dick, acting confused:  Well, when you go in the DR, there is a guy with an English accent, and a hard-edged girl.....I don't think anybody is going to quit their job over Dani getting evicted.

James summarizes the rumors again, saying that Jokers is "pretty specific" and just wanted to get Dick's take on it.

Dick:  Those jobs are too hard to get to quit like that.

Mark:  It still amazes me that Dani is your daughter.  You are so ugly and she is so damn good looking.

James is drinking a Schlitz beer that he says they "get wholesale at the bar".  His eyes are so sad to me.

Dick asks if he has any crazy new tattoos, besides the "Dr. Suess" arm.  As you can see his left arm is striped now.  (I kind of like that.)

He also got a tattoo of his ex-fiance on his foot.

Dick:  Faith?  You got her name tattooed on you?

James:  Yeah, but the guy did it in a red skull but I have to have it colored in now because she was cheating on me the entire time in France.

Mark takes two minutes off to go feed his dog, who is heard wailing at Mark's feet.  James met Mark at the Reality TV awards.  They joke around about some porn star that Dick knows who wanted to hook up with Mark but Mark wussed out.

Dick points out that he has Mark the All American Boy as a guest, but also James who is anything but.  James does seem to be up-to-speed on BB13, and has opinions on the houseguests.

James has a female friend over that Mark flirted with.

Dick says that Adam is "the Zach of this season".  He takes shots at Jeff as well and Mark says, "C'mon... you don't like Jeff?"

Dick: I didn't say that!  But I want people to give me Fan Favorite and give Jeff this (the middle finger).

Mark repeats the Zingbot's line about Porsche's big ass and they all crack up.  Zing!

Dick says it is painful to watch Jordan try to string two sentences together. He likes her, but her whole game is too be nice.  She is the ultimate coattail-rider.

Mark repeats the Zingbot's line about Dani not needing a car because she rides her Dad's coattails. Dick missed that episode and says he would want to see her face when the Zingbot said that.

Dick says how Kalia and Porsche will not know what to do when Dani leaves. (Uh, not what happened, Dick.)

Dick asked James if he has taken the "behind the scenes" tour of the BB house.  James has not.  Dick explains that when you're in the DR it feels so safe and intimate. You feel like it is just you talking to one person.  But on his tour he says that someone was crying in the DR and on the other side of the glass were about 50 news reporters.  He can never look at the DR again the same way.

Mark asked if they are blindfolded before they enter in the house, to mask the fact that you are in a production studio on the movie lot.

James says no, he remembers "driving past Gilligan's Island".  Dick is surprised that he wasn't blindfolded but says maybe he was before BB8 so he wouldn't see Daniele ahead of time.  He felt like a kidnap victim.  And when Dani and Amber left the house to appear on the Power of Ten they were blindfolded and had to wear earplugs.

Dick says he is waiting for the Fortune Teller to come to life.  (Which looks like it is about to happen!)  Dick says it is so weird looking in person.

Mark says the Zingbot's voice is too high and he could barely understand him.  (Me too--I had to google to find out what he Zingbot actually said.)

Dick says he went to visit James in Paris.  He was in Europe at the time and swung by to see him.  James' ex-fiance Faith was going to Spain or something, so Dick and James went to Amsterdam to party.  James says they got so stoned.

Dick:  We didn't even eat regular food!  We went to the Bulldog and ate pot brownies and cookies and we met some tourists who bought them drinks.  Then they went to a live sex show with some fat lady on a bed.

James:  I was tripping my balls off!

They also went to Tours to see Suicidal Tendencies in France.  They got shout outs from the stage and had a blast.

Dick went to LA for an audition that went well and doesn't want to talk about it, despite prodding from Mark.  Dick is staying with a friend now.  Earlier, Mark razzed him about leaving Big Brother so soon this year.

Dick:  Look.  They called me two days ahead of time and then some personal stuff came up and I had to go.  That's it.

(I heard Rachel say on BBAD that Dani got the call from BB two days ahead of time---so that fits with what Dick just said.  They must have been last minute additions to the cast.  And my personal two cents:  Dick didn't have time to taper down his drug use.  Alleged drug use, of course.)

Dick ranks on Adam some more and James says that Adam is friends with a friend of Jamess--Dave who owns Idle Hands in New York (?) and the minute Adam's casting was announced, Dave contacted James to let him know he knew Adam.

Dick hates Lydia from BB11 and has said previously that she will never be invited on his show.  He has invented a new Lydia Dumb Bitch Award of the Week and Mark says unfortunately Dani should get the award for this week.

Mark asks James where casting found him.  He says "I was homeless traveling around the US and I was in New York and I went to a bar with a bunch of Australians who bought me drinks and that's it.."

(I heard Chelsia say on her SuperPass show that everything James said was a lie---that he actually had an apartment in LA and wasn't homeless.)

Mark says that James' story is funny and reminds him of how Puck was cast on Real World.  Dick repeats how Puck was discovered and how he threw a chicken wing and hit Mary Alice Bunim's white shirt with it.

Dick:  Puck is one of the most unique people ever on reality television.  And he was real, too.

Mark tells a story about Puck dipping his balls in the milk container in the RW house and then seeing his castmates drink out of the milk the next morning and feeling like he won.

Dick wants to get Puck on the show but knows he doesn't watch BB.  When he appeared with Dick on his old Superpass show the ratings skyrocketed.  Puck had an outstanding warrant out at the time and TMZ reported on it.

Dick discusses how the DR tries to get you to discuss all sides of an issue and James said the DR wants the soundbytes, as well, to make the story flow.

James, giggling:  They also use the DR to break up threesomes!

Dick:  Oh, with you, Chelisa and Alison?  (the poker girl from BB9?)

Dick mentions that Alison told everybody that Chelsia had an odor issue and James laughs.

James says the only people he would want to win at this point would be Adam for the Newbies or Jeff.  Dick agrees that Production would probably want Jeff to win to save the season.  I'm sure that was hard for him to say.

Mark watches the live feeds and kind of appreciates that Shelly is trying to break up Jeff and Jordan.  Dick mentions that tomorrow night is the double eviction and says that Production "would shit a brick if both Dani and Jeff go home during the same hour".

(Yep, that is what happened.)

Mark just turned 40 and is only 8 years younger than Evel Dick.  (That should scare the kids from smoking, huh?)  Seriously Mark look super hot.

They end the show voting on their guesses of  Dani's fate this week---they agree she will be evicted.