Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yes, It's a Live Show Day

and the houseguests are starting to move around the house.  Dom and Adam make small talk about food in the kitchen.  Adam ate bacon, of course, and they discuss turducken and other meaty subjects.

The HOH lockdown will begin shortly, and Jordan goes upstairs with her blanket to claim a spot for herself and Jeff.  Jeff is still in bed, though.  Jordan visits him to tell him she is constipated and "it won't come out".

I think she went into the storage room to get some over-the-counter meds for it or something.  God knows she needs to take care of that before the endurance competition.

Dom is needling Adam about his breakfast---doesn't he ever wake up and want a 'refreshing' breakfast of yogurt and a banana?  Why only eggs and bacon?

FYI I heard Jeff describe to the houseguests details of the first endurance competition during BB11.  As you will recall, it was the one when BB split up the cliques, and they swung around on ropes through rain and wind.  Then because they were 'graduating', BB started slapping them with a huge diploma.

(I can only dream of something like that tonight---that was laugh out loud funny.)

Jeff described Chima flipping all the way over, and then falling off shortly thereafter.  Then he talked about some things I didn't know.  Most of the houseguests ended up vomiting while they were swinging around.  Once one or two of them did, then the others followed.  They were spinning and swinging and then getting whacked, so I guess that makes sense.

Then when they started falling, they fell into pools of vomit!  Gross!  

Jeff didn't mention Michelle exposing herself---by the time she fell her tights were all would up in the rope, so when she let go her pants came down pretty much to her knees.  I did see this on the live feeds, but the camera views switched to protect her, I guess.  Russell had already fallen, so he ran over to her and covered her up with a towel.

Out of respect for her, I never heard them discuss it afterwards, which is courteous of them.  You see, no one knew at that time that she would end up going buck wild after the season ended and would quit her research job to do porn.

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  1. What? Michelle does porn now? Are you serious? I am seriously lacking in my after Big Brother knowledge!


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