Monday, July 18, 2011

Words of Wisdom from Brendon

Shelly and Cassi are not looking forward to an ice cold shower this morning.  Shelly is going to go first, then Cassi.

They plan to turn on the hot side of the shower, which helps the cold side feel warmer.

Brendon:  I always opened up the shower curtain, too, if no one was in the other side.

Shelly:  You can do that?

Brendon:  Well, I did...if you do something wrong they'll just tell won't get a Penalty Nom or anything.

He tells them that last year when he was a Have Not he took a shower in Rachel's HOH room, but turned on the cold water.  BB called him into the DR afterwards to tell him not to do that again.

Brendon wanted to do Seal training in Coronado.  He wrote a recommendation for one of his swimmers who wanted to be a Seal, and talks about this for awhile. I'm surprised BB is allowing this, because he is talking about the kid, his mom, his niece, her bible group, etc.

Supposedly a few minutes ago he talked about how he "accidently" got fired after the show last year, but I missed it.

Still going on about the swimmer's Nave Seal recommendation letter and what Brendon wrote---it was one of Brendon's proudest moments, aparently.

Lawon sidles up to conversations and doesn't say hello---he just sits down and gets into it. (They need to give him the boot sooner than later..)

Brendon used to have his swim team get there at 5:00 am to run and lift weights, etc.  The kids can eat all day after working out like that.  Brendon thinks Michael Phelps burns about 9,000 - 10,000 calories a day.

Brendon:  What he did in swimming was just so ridiculous.  He'll keep swimming, but he'll never have another year like that.

Brendon saw Mark Spitz in person but he had white hair.  Cassi's dad went to school with Mark Spitz at the Friday Night Lights school (Permean? sp?).

Brendon says water polo is the most difficult sport.  They played a heavy metal song this morning and Adam went into the DR to thank them.

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