Sunday, July 10, 2011

What Will They Name the Alliance?

First of all, Jeff was talking WAY TOO LOUDLY about this in the bathroom area with Brendon, Dani and Adam.

He wanted to name it "Evel Empire" as a nod to Evel Dick.  He asked Adam what he thought.

Adam:  I was thinking...Adam's Angels!

Dani:  No, it can't be named for you!

Jeff:  How about Jeff's Jerkoffs?

Adam:  It depends on which end of the jerking off I'm on.  (WTF?)

Jeff:  Holy Moly....

Jordan walks in and Jeff asks her what a good name would be.

Jordan:  A name?  For what?

Jeff:  For a group of people scheming and plotting!

Jordan:  Didn't we just talk about this yesterday?

(They are being incredibly loud....)

Dani asks who farted?

Jordan:  I did.  I was waitin' for somebody to say somethin'.

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