Friday, July 8, 2011

Where is Evel Dick?

So far I haven't seen one second of live feeds.  I started watching Big Brother After Dark last night after watching the FISH for over an hour, and I wake up this morning to TRIVIA.
 What is going on?  It might have something to do with Evel Dick....

When Showtime went live last night, we opened on Porsche and Rachel talking in the storage room. It seemed to me that Porsche was giving Rachel an update on what people were saying in the house.  Porsche was throwing her fellow newbies under the bus, and complaining about various things.

And now she's nominated.....hmmm.  The Nomination Ceremony took place last night, after I passed out, I guess.

Porsche was pushing either a Cassi/Shelly or a Dominic/Adam nomination.  She said she didn't like the way "Cassi didn't look at her and was so fake with her".  They don't think Shelly can be competitive because apparently she told the HG that she has had a few back surgeries. (Did Shelly make that up?)

Porsche said she didn't trust Dominc--apparently he is acting like he knows absolutely nothing about BB and that makes them suspicious.

Rachel was different.....not as stagey or animated.  Maybe this is the real Rachel when she's not playing for the cameras.  She was listening and asking questions---not really giving anything away.

But the big news last night seemed to be:  Where is Evel Dick?

It seemed he went in the DR (Diary Room) and stayed in there for hours.

Other Big News:  Adam is screwing up.  Already.

Oh the feeds are back and there is frantic whispering on all cameras.
Porsche is babbling about not wanting to go home.  Now we see Jeff in the HOH with Rachel, Brendon, Dani and Jordan.  Dani has named their alliance the DCA - Dream Crushers Alliance.  There is a lot of congratulatory energy as they gear up for the VETO competition.

Rachel:  We're in it to win it.

Now Rachel and Brendon are alone in the HOH watching the camera.  They both want to win as many prizes as possible in the competitions.  Brendon has money problems.

Does Danielle have the golden key?  That is what Rachel just said.....

No sign of Evel Dick....does that mean that Dick left?  Yeah, Rachel just said that Dick left.  They don't know yet--

Brendon:  Why would he leave?  Big Brother is like, his life.

(Maybe he had health problems...he looked a lot older to me last night.  His body was like an old man's.)

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