Friday, July 8, 2011

Veto Competition

will be getting underway shortly.  Jeff and Jordan are both playing, and Adam will be the host.

Earlier, Dani suggested that Rachel pick Shelly as a vote of confidence for her.  They think that Shelly and her partner Cassi aren't hitting it off too well.

Porsche is pretty quiet in the house, but her stress level must be pretty high.
Brendon is telling everyone that if they hadn't pushed Britney so hard last year to get rid of Matt, then Enzo would have been gone.  He says Britney is "stupid to try and win the Veto instead of taking prizes".

Brendon says Hayden won the trip and he doesn't know who won the prize money (Hayden, I think.).  Shelly explains that even if you win a prize, you have to pay taxes on the entire value of the prize.

Jordan:  When Jeff and I won that Vancouver trip on The Amazing Race, it was worth about $7,000 and we had to split the taxes between us.  When Jeff won the Hawaii trip on BB, he just took the cash value.

She said that TAR doesn't allow you to take the cash value--you have to take the trip.  

Brendon:  I knew a girl who won both showcases on The Price is Right---wonder what the taxes were on that?

Shelly starts talking about how she got on Let's Make a Deal.  She won a lifetime supply of Coppertone tanning products.  She also won a trip to the Dolphin Resort, which was new at the time.  (I think she means the Disney Dolphin resort.)

She was in junior high at the time and used to have a bunch of suntan lotion, but she stopped getting it.  She is describing what happens in the audience when Monty Hall would walk through the audience saying "OK, who has jumper cables?"  Adam gets in on it but Jordan doesn't know that game show.

Shelly:  Oh, that was way back in the day!

Jordan and Shelly both liked Deal or No Deal.  Adam played that at Dave & Busters and won a bunch of tickets.

Now we see Jeff & Jordan in the HOH room.  Rachel got the Spice Girls CD (WTF?) and Jeff is listening to it but commented that he "wanted to hear music".
Jordan:  I'm getting my period.  I can feel it.

Jeff:  Awesome.

A minute later:

Jeff:  Do you want to talk?

Jordan:  Yeah..but you want to listen to music.

Jeff:  Porsche keeps talking to me.

Jordan:  Why?

Jeff:  I dunno.  She came up and says stuff like, "Adam is with us" and "I can't believe Keith came up and talked to me".

Jordan:  I can't wait to play Veto--I'm gonna really try.  Are you?

Jeff:  Fuck yeah.  Why wouldn't I?

Rachel comes in and they crow about how stoked they are that Jeff & Jordan are playing for the Veto.  Rachel is describing their strategy last year in competitions---Brendon went after the other players to knock them out, leaving Rachel open for the win.  Jeff is asking a lot of questions and seems to get it.

Rachel knows that Keith is going to go balls out but he looked worried when Jeff (and Jordan, I guess) were selected to play. 

Rachel is going to tell Adam how much she likes him and wants to work with him.
Jeff:  Keep telling him how highly Dick thought of him...he loves that.

Jeff told Porsche that they need one more vote to keep her--it is her responsibility to line up another vote himself.  It's not their responsibility to do that for her.

Jeff: I wish we could get fucking Cassi on our side and tell her and Shelly that we lost Dick and Danielle, we need another couple.  I would much rather have her on our side than Dominic.
Rachel:  Oh fuck yeah.

Brendon comes in and they talk about last night's DR. Jeff feels sorry for "Chris" because he got the brunt of it. Rachel is embarrassed now.  Jeff tells her that the DR people understand that it is sensitive in the house and tensions are high--they get it.  Jordan wanted to apologize for her DR attitude, too.

Jeff didn't know much about Big Brother when he came in the house for BB11.  This is no longer the case and he is playing right from Day #1.   This staying-in-the-house shit is horseshit.  They need to finish that Veto Competition, clean up the backyard, so we can get Jeff out there by the pool.  Maybe even tending to the garden.

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