Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Veterans Get it Straight

Brendon & Rachel and Jeff & Jordan are meeting in the HOH and it is a good meeting for them.  They have figured out that Dani is playing all sides and trying to turn them against each other.

Earlier Today:  After BB's wake-up call, Rachel visited Jeff & Jordan in bed and whispered something about "someone" trying to split them apart.  Then asked if they could come upstairs to talk after they got something to eat.  Jeff's attititude was "what the fuck is this about, Jordan?".  So that led to this meeting in the HOH.

They are planning to make decisions for the four of them exclusively, and leaving Dani out of it.

Brendon:  She's been making decisions that are good for her, so we need to make decisions that are good for us.

Jeff doesn't want to get rid of Dominic just because of Dani, because he is a good target to have in the house.

Brendon:  Let's just let the newbies think that there is a wedge between us....this is the Real Alliance--the four of us.  The rest is a pseudo-alliance.

They discuss Shelly---Rachel knows she doesn't approve of her conduct and will probably want to nominate Brenchal if she wins HOH.  Rachel thinks Jeff and Jordan can control her and prevent this.  They point out that Shelly and Adam are tight, but if Adam leaves this week that problem will be solved.

Rachel:  We're doing all of the work in this game....Dani will get her Late Night Crew to split us up and then she'll have the other one.  Like if you go home Jordan, she'll have Jeff...If I go home, she'll have Brendon....

They don't think Dani will try to win HOH, but she won't be obvious about it.  Jeff thinks Dom will try to win the hardest.  They think Dani is planting seeds with Kalia that she and Lawon will be backdoored.

Jeff:  Kalia is talking too much, and is going to get herself in trouble.

(Rachel got that Western Carolina Girls T-shirt in her HOH basket.)

They plan to question the Late Night Crew when they come up with questionable information, since the four of them go to bed so much earlier.

Jeff:  Just ask them, who told you Jeff and Jordan said that....take everything that Late Night Crew says with a grain of salt...

Porsche comes in to use the HOH bathroom to get ready for the POV.  She is going to host so she wants to look good.  She doesn't know what the costume will be.  (That's a great picture of her, huh?)

Jeff:  The POV is going to be something good and messy, with a lot of prizes!  I feel it!

Brendon:  Are you sure?  I think they blew their whole budget on Hasselhoff!

Rachel:  But he was promoting his own show...

Brendon says "his German friend" is going to freak out that The Hoff was in the house.

Brendon:  In Germany, he's a Elvis!

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