Thursday, July 21, 2011

Update on Dominic's Haircut

His shirt is getting very dirty.  It is kind of creepy --it feels like Dominic is staring at me.

Cassi comes in to check his work and he uses the mirror to check her work on his hairline.  He likes it and says she has skills.

Cassi:  You know this is what my brother does, right?

Dom:  Oh yeah, you put him through school right?

Cassi:  Yeah, and now he's.........

(maybe he's the one who is in jail?)

She persuades him to let her use scissors to trim off the top but they are both nervous.  They are going to take a break and come back to that part.  Meanwhile, Cassi leaves the room and Dominic strips off his T-shirt.

You're welcome.

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