Friday, July 8, 2011

Two Golden Vetos

will be given out the first week, according to Rachel.  Does she really mean the Golden Key?

So someone else is getting that key?

Rachel is shocked that Dick left.  She and Brendon are shooting the breeze with Kalia for awhile now, and they were later joined by Lawon.

Kalia is dressed up in a spangly dress and heels.  She told them that she is used to dressing up like this every day and she needed some sort of sense of normalcy.  She had a protein shake and I haven't heard her bitching about the slop like some of the others.

(Cassi is having some gastrointestinal issues and is taking Gas X and Metamucil due to the slop.)

They can't wait for Keith to "drop the bomb" after the Veto like he threatened to do.

Kalia:  What is it, is your twin brother coming in to play the game?  I think he is a wack-a-doo.

Rachel:  Maybe the bomb is that he and Porsche are married!  Or he has platinum teeth!

Brendon:  I think his bomb is going to be a disappointment.

Kalia:  Well of course!

They make a lot of jokes about "The Bomb".  This is sure to be a running joke for the rest of the summer.

Kalia uses profanity in a very structured way--she is so well spoken and semi-formal that the curse words really stand out, but it works for her.

Kalia thinks that Keith is probably not a good matchmaker.  Rachel is surprised that he is 32--she thought he was 24!

Here you can see Kalia's spangley dress and Lawon's severe orange shoes.  Lawon did well in that conversation---he was funny when he needed to be but toned down the nutty part.

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