Thursday, July 14, 2011

They Know That Porsche Knows Janelle

According to Brendon, "Janelle recommended her".  They all start to groan about this, and don't say much because, hey Janelle is Janelle.  There had been a rumor that Porsche "knew somebody", but everyone assumed it was Evel Dick.

Rachel is shaving Brendon's (balding) head in the HOH bathroom after the lockdown is over.  Kalia was a principal in the conversation, and Jeff and Jordan were in and out as well.

Kalia:  Every time I talk to her I think, she can't possibly be this stupid, but then she says something else!

Brendon thinks she is a sweet girl but has terrible social skills.  They all agreed not to tell her anything that matters anymore.

They think Keith will be voted out tonight.

Hmmmm.  For once, I'm not really sure who will leave tonight.  I didn't know about the Regulators until I saw it on TV, since it probably went down before the feeds went live.  I'm going to be surprised tonight, which will be a rare treat.

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