Monday, July 4, 2011

Surprise Guest Montage

There is a page on the SuperPass website with links to each houseguest's interview. I'm working my way through all of those.  But down at the bottom of the webpage, the following button appears.
Well, my interest is piqued.  I'm going to click on it, but I'm kind of scared.


OK I watched it, and I feel totally violated.  I was so prepared for excitement, but the Surprise Guest Montage is an compilation of interview clips of Adam, Shelly, Keith and Cassi all discussing variations on the following:

*  Evel Dick is a bad man and they DON'T want to be like him or have him in the house
*  Rachel is a crazy shrew and they DON'T want to be like her or have her in the house
*  Everybody wants to blow Jeff.

So I guess that tells us who the Dynamic Duos are, huh?   I was hoping at the end there would be some fast footage of Evel Dick laughing and smoking on the patio of his sequester hotel room, but there was nothing.


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