Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Snore Chamber

is what the Have Not (aka Padded Cell) room should be called this week, with both Adam and Dom in there.

That is Cassi laying between Shelly and Dom.  Both Dom and Adam snore, completing the Have Not experience for the girls. I'm sure there will be a segment on the snoring on the TV show.

(How nauseating was the Brendon/Rachel storyline on Thursday night's show?  It was a buzzkill for me, complete with the sappy background music.)

I also predict a segment contrasting the Brendon/Rachel relationship with the Jeff/Jordan relationship.  Alison Grodner needs to put that together soon, while they are all in the house.  Basically the minute Brendon and Rachel were alone in the HOH, they started fighting.  Or more accurately, Brendon started scolding Rachel and lecturing her like a child.  Yesterday they had a big fight over Rachel wanting to get Botox (she also wants to get her teeth fixed and a facelift one day) which ended up being a fight about them getting married.

When Jeff and Jordan are alone, the tell ghost stories, or play a game where they draw on each other's backs and guess the picture.  It's a humorous comparison.

OK:  Let's talk about Cassi.

Cassi needs to pull it together.  She is on VERY thin ice in the BB13 house and is losing her cool.  She is a Have Not again, which sucks, but she is also upset about Dom being nominated, and that the other girls in the house hate her.

Porsche and Rachel want her GONE.  Last week Cassi talked a lot of smack about Porsche to Rachel.  I guess she didn't realize that Rachel genuinely likes Porsche.  Rachel and Brendon argue about that all of the time--Brendon wants her to back off since Porsche is so disliked in the house,  but Rachel really likes her for some reason.

And Rachel is very jealous of Cassi.  Cassi spent hours up in the HOH with Jordan last night---when BBAD started last night Kalia was livid about that.  Jordan's HOH CD is Tim McGraw's Greatest Hits, so I know Cassi wanted to listen to that.

The POV competition will happen today, and the stakes are high for the Newbies.  Too bad the ones who really need to win are on slop and sleeping in the Snore Room.

Meanwhile, no one cares about Shelly---she's cruisin'.  Someone should keep an eye on that..

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