Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shelly Feels Guilty,

as well she should.

She and Brendon are the only ones up, and have convened on the patio to chat, drink coffee, and smoke.

Shelly:  Cassi really wants to know who cast the extra vote for Keith....I really want to tell her it was me, but I can't....

Brendon agrees.  He feels more desensitized this year...he's not as upset when people get nominated or leave.

Shelly stabs Dom in the back by telling Brendon that "all Dom talks about is going to singles and taking all of the veterans out".

Brendon: Really?  Is he saying that?

They discuss Dom's crush on Cassi and also Dani.  Brendon can tell that Dom is crushed over Cassi leaving.

Shelly:  He kind of avoided her yesterday because he feels bad about her....she looks at him as like a little brother or something though.

Brendon:  Well, he's a red-blooded boy with hormones off the charts...can't say I blame him.

They go inside to refill their mugs and come back outside.

Brendon:  So, last night when I made that salmon, I put some hot sauce on it, kind of knowing in the back of my mind that Kalia doesn't like hot things.

Shelly:  Did she ask you?

Brendon:  Yeah...she asked if I put hot sauce on it and I said, Ohhhhh I forgot but I didn't put that much..

Dani put crushed red pepper on chicken and Kalia got mad at her about that, too.

Brendon:  Jesus Christ...make your own food if you don't like it...have you ever seen her make her own food?

Shelly:  Never!

Brendon:  And to bitch about someone else cooking for you?

Brendon notes that as soon as the nominations are final, and the POV is over, everyone stops cleaning the kitchen.  When he saw Keith doing dishes, he knew Keith was trying to stay.

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