Friday, July 15, 2011

Remembering 9-11

The group in the kitchen started talking about September 11th, first as they remembered that Season #2 of Big Brother was in the house.  I didn't hear them mention Monica (her cousin died that day), but they did discuss how BB brought in a TV set to let Nicole, Will and Monica watch some coverage.

(I didn't watch the live feeds back them, but I remember reading on Joker's that the HG knew something was up because no planes had flown overhead for days---the BB house is near a huge airport, so the lack of planes flying was noticiable.)

Anyway, Lawon had moved to New York shortly before 9-11 happened.  He was at the gym when he heard about it and went outside to walk down there.  I think he had to walk down there to get home, but the streets were blocked off.

 Adam, who is a Jersey guy, says that the city changed after that.  People helped each other out and New Yorkers became more caring and compassionate to strangers.  There was a total blackout after 9-11 and people behaved well, where in the past a total blackout would mean intense rioting and looting.

He thinks the City is back to normal, now.

Adam takes the bacon out of the oven, and then puts more on the pan to bake.  It's like food porn, huh?

Porsche asked some questions about 9-11.  She didn't know much about the plane that crash-landed in Pennsylvania, so Shelly described the whole situation, right down to Lisa and Todd Beamer and the "Let's Roll" trademark.  (You know that Todd didn't call his wife, right?  He spoke to an operator, not her.  I'm just sayin'..)

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