Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rachel's Wedding Dress

Jordan wants to know if she will buy the dress from Beverly Hills.

Rachel:  Probably not, because I can't afford it.  I might get somebody to make me one that looks like it, with a lot of sparkles.

Brendon asked about her mom's wedding dress.

Rachel:  Well, no.  It has long puffy sleeves like Princess Diana's.  I guess I could cut the sleeves off and use it...

Jordan tells a story about "a girl from work that I work with" who has been keeping a wedding dress scrapbook for years.

Porsche:  The more beading and detail, the more expensive it is.

Rachel:  Yeah, I know....Brendon, didn't you say your friend is a designer?

Brendon:  Yeah!

Rachel:  Maybe he could make me a dress!

You can hear Brendon talking in the background to someone about his friend getting offered some opportunity to work with Chris Knight but he turned it down.

Rachel:  The problem is, if I went to David's Bridal, I could probably find something.  But the first place I looked was in Beverly Hills.  I should be more realistic.

Porsche:  Yeah, you have to remember what getting married is all about.  You can do something big on your 10th anniversary, when you've made it in life.

Rachel:  You're very wise, Porsche.

Porsche went to Europe once, with a guy who cheated on her.  She found out the first night they got there.  Rachel has been on vacations, but not with guys she really liked, so it wasn't fun.

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