Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rachel Works Porsche

by letting her go on and on and on.  Rachel assures her that she and Brendon want to work with her, and with 11 people still in the house they need to stick together.

Basically Rachel is just there to placate her and provide defense against Dom.

Meanwhile, Danielle is pushing her agenda in the Have Not Room with Shelly.

Dani asks her point blank if she would ever go against Jeff & Jordan and says she knows she is closer to them then Brendon & Rachel.

Shelly kind of talks in circles, but does a good job deflecting and complimenting Brendon & Rachel's will to win.

Shelly:  I think Brendon & Rachel are playing hard to win...and Jeff & Jordan are playing hard to get to jury.

Dani is explaining how different things will be when they go to singles, and is suggesting how to word nominating people, i.e. saying "you two are the biggest threats in the house...".

Now Dani is slamming Brendon, saying that he thinks he is a mastermind of this game but from what she has heard him say, he isn't.

(Dani is just so slick...ha ha ha ha ha).

Shelly:  I think whoever is sitting next to one of them at the end of this game wins.  Not one person would give them a vote.

Dani:  I know.  I've thought of that...

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