Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rachel Gets an Earful

from Brendon.

Brendon:  I'm just fucking exhausted.  I feel like I"ve been playing this game for about 7 or 8 weeks!

Rachel, starting to cry:  I'm sorry that I'm ruining your game.

Brendon:  Baby, it's not about the game.  It's about you and me...

Sounds like Rachel may have had some words with Jordan and/or Jeff and Brendon thinks they should wait awhile to go up and talk.

It sounded like Brendon was worried they would be put up in Dom's place?  (Can't be...can it?)

The cameras switch to the Tarot Room, where the newbies lounge in their first victory of the season.

Note:  Rachel calls it the Ta-rut Room.

The competition was all about balance.

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