Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rachel Dons a Sparkley Cap

During a meeting between herself, Jeff, Brendon and Dominic.  I don't think it is her best look.  Maybe if she wasn't wearing a pony tail.

Rachel's looks bored.  It's hard to sit and keep your mouth shut.

Jeff is doing most of the talking, with Dom defending himself.  Brendon and Jeff are comparing Dani's game to Dr. Will in BB All Stars--they see right through it.  Dom recognizes it, too.

Not a good look for Jeff, either, during this meeting.  How is Allison going to use this footage with Jeff wearing the headphones like a doofus?

Thank god Dom looks good.  His position in the game sucks, but he's going to go out looking good.

And Brendon is representing, too.  This is his Corporate HOH look.  Except for the bare arms and cleavage, of course.  He's been doing a great job running Rachel's HOH Reign this week.

What are they talking about?  Oh yeah, that's important too.

Jeff points out that Dani has fucked him over, backed up and fucked him over again and again with absolutely no remorse.  He was her little pawn in this game and he is ruined.  Dom is making his last plea to stay but Jeff can't let him stay, even if he wants to.  Because Dani could be behind this 'last minute plea for mercy' ploy, and then the veterans would be the ones who were being stupid.

Jeff:  We were locked in...we were keeping you, until this plan came up a couple of days ago.  When she went crazy with this plan, you should have come to us and told us..

Brendon, trying to use cool slang:  Yeah, if you want to roll with us, you should have come and told us.

Jeff:  I would have kept you absolutely if you did that!

Dom is trying to say that he had no other option then to hang out with Dani--he didn't have any other options.

Jeff:  You're with her 24 hours a day!  You sleep in the same bed with her!

Dom:  Well it's also who I get along with...I get along with her and I get along with you...that's it.  And Shelly! Shelly is a fucking snake!  But you know what she's been up to around here--all the shit she's starting.

Jeff:  I've been saying it over and over...all I want to do is go to the Jury House!  I should make a tape and play it over and over!  And that fucking bitch threw a wrench in it and now I have to go to fucking war!


Jeff:  You should have put some fucking tape over her fucking mouth to shut her up!  In Big Brother history, she made the stupidest fucking move ever!  And if we kept you, we'd be on the same page---it would be the stupidest fucking move for us to make, too!


Jeff:  We talked to Dani yesterday and we said you were a part of our original alliance...let's forgive and forget and get back to the point where we don't go after each other.  When we get down to the end lets have a war, but I wanted to get back to that.  The two of you can't be in the house together---if you could switch roles with her right now than we could keep you!


Jeff:  Your mind is filled with a book of fucking lies that she's told you!  If you are listening to me now, and you watch this later, I'll give you $1,000 for any lie I've told!  I'm telling the truth!

(He is.  Lying is not part of Jeff's game, and this is one reason Dom gave for admiring Jeff during his pre-season interview.)

Brendon:  Dom she didn't have to do this....you got caught holding the bag.

Jeff:  What was the reason for getting me out?  Why does she want me out so bad?

Dom:  She said she never talked game with you...and that if you went home we would have rolled with Kalia.

Rachel, finally showing up:  Kalia??  (with scorn)

Dom:  I originally thought that I would be with the five---I would be the sixth and we would roll like that!  I didn't think you would be gone.

Jeff:  Look, I like you..you're a family guy and we've talked and I like you.  Jordan fucking loves you, but the reason why you are gone is Danielle.  It's her!  She fucked you over, not us.

Are you wondering how Jeff and Brendon look right now?  Well, Jeff took off those silly headphones and is back to looking good.

And Dom looks super cute as well.

Jeff went downstairs to get a beverage, courteously asking Dom if he can bring him anything.  Dom said no. Brendon and Rachel say basically the same thing to Dom when Jeff leaves.

Rachel:  We can't separate you from Danielle.  When something like this happens, if you can't take her out, you take out your closest ally.

(Has no one thought about one or more houseguests coming back in the house?  I never hear them talk about it.)

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