Friday, July 8, 2011

Rachel Appears on the Scene

and is downstairs chatting with Jeff and Jordan.  She wants them to know that she isn't going to "fuck up our game being emotional".  They have a moment of agreement and Rachel high-fives Jeff.  Jordan wants some, too.

I got the beds all wrong when I reported earlier. Jeff and Jordan are sleeping in Candyland.  (new name)

Check out Rachel's Snookie Fur Boots.  I hope that's not a trend we will have to watch for very long.

Jordan tells Jeff about her dream in a sleepy voice.  It has something to do with a duck and them going somewhere.  Jeff says he's too tired to process it.  His tone is gentle, with a hint of patronizing affection.
Now Rachel is back upstairs, filling Brendon in on her conversation with Jeff and Jordan.  I guess she didn't even bother talking to the newbies when she was downstairs.  She said Keith invited her into some conversation and she said "I don't care about that".

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