Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rachel and Dani Whisper....But First

Rachel steps into the outdoor shower to cool off.  It is wicked hot in So Cal today.

Dani is making a case for backdooring Jeff and Jordan---she tells Rachel that he is building an army against them.

Dani:  And then what...Jordan will come after you?  Are you really worried about that?

Rachel:  Well she'll be really mad.

Dani:  But what is she going to do..pout?

Rachel pushes getting rid of Adam---every year there is one person who needs to go but always gets pushed back until later. Rachel thinks he could win some quizzes.

Dani is pushing hard in making Jeff Enemy #1.  She says Dominic will target anybody they tell him to.

Rachel:  Shelly needs to go, too.

Dani:  I know that...I don't want someone in here where everybody says 'she's so nice'.

They discuss how Shelly hates Kalia and eventually all of the newbies will but heads.

Dani:  What are your thoughts now...what are the percentages?

Rachel:  Well, Dom bothers me because he says he is working with us as a foursome, but then he is working solely with you?  And says he wants to get Brendon out?

Dani:  You don't think I will keep and Brendon safe? You have to trust people in this game if you want to get to the final four.

Dani lists Jeff's TV credits and points out that "they love him and that is huge....HUGE...".

("They" probably being the fans and also Production.)

Dani says that she will never turn on them and they can trust her.

Rachel doesn't think that Dom threw the POV but Dani said he did---he made a 9-letter word to match Jeff, and was running around hitting Jeff with the floaties from the pool.  It was really sad.

Dani:  I just think you're too worried about Dom, and I don't know why.

NOTE:  At the beginning of this conversation, they both whispered that they were pissed off at something Jordan said about Production and got away with it.  Rachel said that "she got in trouble for that" and "she's not even going to say the P word anymore".

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