Thursday, July 14, 2011

Primping for the Big Show

Behold the gorgeousness, as well as a hairy back.

Cassi is going to 'put on the dog' tonight, as we say in the south. She is going to wear a dress and heels, and just combed out a series of extensions to wear.

Extensions creep me out.

Shelly asks Jordan if she has a hard time looking at Jeff all day long.  Jordan says that Jeff is still handsome, even wearing glasses. Jordan bought Jeff Lasik surgery with some of her Big Brother 11 winnings.

Shelly: Oh, that's sweet!

They discuss Jeff's gray hair.  Shelly tells him not to dye it, that he is lucky that it grows pretty evenly.  Jordan says she "never notices it" and that a few guys that come into her salon dye their hair and it is very noticeable. They tell him not to dye it.  When Jeff was young it was only gray in patches.

Jeff:  I always wanted to book a commercial or something when they tell me I can't have gray hair.  So then if people ask me if I dyed my hair, I can say no, I booked a commercial and they did that!

Shelly must be on Cloud Nine.  She went on and on in her preseason interviews about how great Jeff and Jordan are, and now she's getting ready to be on live TV with them.

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