Saturday, July 23, 2011

The POV is Over

and Brendon won.

Sounds like it was another 'longest word wins' competition, and Brendon won by spelling 'understanding'.

I think Jeff was right behind Brendon--wonder if he spelled 'technotronics' again?

Now we see Dom changing in the bathroom.  From there, you can hear the conversation in the kitchen without trying very hard.

Love those last two pictures--super cool if I do say so myself.  He thinks the color of the shirt might be too girly, so he walked into the kitchen to ask.

Adam is there, eating a ginormous plate of breakfast food---bacon, eggs, etc.  He takes a break from eating for a second or two to look at Dom's shirt and gives him the okay. Dom was looking for advice from Adam about that----Adam calls himself the "Steve Sanders of his group".

Meanwhild Rachel appears to be doing yoga or meditating in the HOH bathroom.  Did she fight with Brendon or someone else again?

Something must have happened since she's getting her big close up now.  Maybe it was physically demanding?  She looks sweaty.  Adam said "it sure was more fun than hanging onto a banana."

Check out that gold fingernail polish.  Vegas, baby.

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