Saturday, July 16, 2011

The POV is Over

and Dominic won.  Jordan is going to put up Shelly and Cassi in place of Dominic and Adam.  The veterans reassess their plan in the HOH.

They think they have the votes to evict Cassi, rather than Shelly.

Dani:  Kalia will do whatever we want, and Porsche will too.

Those sure are some shiny shoes Dani is sporting there.

Sounds like Brendon, Dom and Jeff were neck and neck the entire time.  Jeff didn't know that he needed to push it--he says that "you always go a little faster if it's your neck on the line".

They are pissed at Rachel.  Sounds like Rachel took a two-week slop deal "just to prove she is a better competitor".

Jeff:  Now for the next two weeks whenever she has a bowl of slop we'll have to look at that face...

Dani:  Well, all the more wine for us...

Jeff, laughing: I know..

Jeff doesn't think that Rachel would have even been happy if Jeff and Jordan won.  He is pissed at Rachel.

(Dani will use that to her advantage.)

Rachel's slop starts today.

Jordan:  She'll get over it.

Jeff:  No she won't! You don't get over two weeks of that shit.  And all to prove a point!

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