Sunday, July 10, 2011

POV Ceremony Aftermath

Rachel and Brendon did not use the Veto.

Shelly is giving Keith advice on how to handle things.  He came clean to her about his job (i.e. he works in Human Resources, not Matchmaking) and she tells him to be honest with people and say he wants to get to know them.

Keith seems broken and resigned to leaving.  A lot can happen before Thursday's live show, but I think the other HG see Keith's physical potential and don't want him to get a free pass for three more weeks (i.e. the Golden Key).

In the Padded Cell Porsche chats with Dom and Cassi about this season.  When there were just 8 of them, she thought 100% that BB would bring in one of her ex-boyfriends.

Dom:  I didn't know who was coming in, but I sure didn't think I would be gang banged by All Stars.

The camera shifts to Brendon and Dani talking in the bathroom while Dani oils up for the sun.  Dani did the math and "whoever gets the Golden Key from here on out is going into sequester".  (i.e. the Jury House)  There are going to be four Golden Keys in total.  Someone from Production must have told them about that.

Dani:  That is huge!  Think about it...

They discuss how bad it will be to go to the Jury House with Porsche.

Dani hears Rachel talking down the hall and says how funny she is.  Brendon makes what  I think is a bad judgment call by telling Dani that Rachel doesn't think strategically, and he recaps what they have been arguing about.

Thank god for Brendon that Jeff comes in to stop that conversation.  Jeff reports that he had a great poop this morning in the HOH bathroom.  Dani says that he poops enough for both he and Kalia---it's unnatural to go three times a day.

Jeff is getting a zit.  They are waiting for Shelly to come out of the WC and Dani speculates that she is pooping.  This is a good look for Dani---pulling back all that hair and smiling a little.  She gets along well with everyone in the house and is so much lighter after her dad left.  She couldn't have gotten booked for the show without him, but now that he's gone its a gift.  

Dani goes over her Golden Key math with both guys and they struggle with it.  Dani just went to "go ask" about it---i.e. into the DR.

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