Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pounding Pillows

Shelly has pulled every pillow from the house outside and is slapping them together to shake out the dust.  Rachel got in on the act and it was SO GROSS to see the amount of dust and other goodies go flying into the air.  Some of the pillows were worse than others, so I wonder if these pillows were new this year, or were they used in previous seasons of Big Brother?

Maybe they are from the CBS prop department?  Anyway, it was gross and something I have never seen before in all my years of live feed watching.

Brendon pounded a few, too, trying to keep a straight face.

Shelly went in the house and got a can of Lysol, which she started spraying over all of the pillows.  She read the can and reported that Lysol kills AIDS, too.

Not much is happening yet today.  Shelly and Brendon discussed the hole that Dani is in and how her lies are catching up to her.

They make a lot of snide remarks about how Dani talks about herself like she is the best Big Brother player ever.

Shelly:  She's lost in here without Dick.

Brendon:  Jeff said he can't wait to win HOH over Dani, because then he will know he is the best Big Brother Player of All Time!  (joke by Jeff)

Jeff also said he will be cool when Dani is nominated, but his goodbye speech to her is going to be brutal.

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