Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Potential Breakup in the BB House!

Brendon woke up Rachel from a nap by scolding her.  He was whispering, but you can see by the look on her face that the news wasn't good.

I'm trying to deliver something to a client today, but I switched my priorities around when I got a load of this scene on the hammock.  They marched silently to the hammock and once they sat down, Rachel started calmly stating what was on her mind.

Rachel:  OK, Brendon, I'm tired of you waking me up by telling me what I'm doing wrong, and what you don't like about me.  You've already told me in the kitchen that our relationship is on the rocks and we're basically done when we get out of here..

Brendon is forking food into his mouth and doesn't even look at her.  When he speaks he says that he didn't say they were done, but ONCE AGAIN brings up the mistake she made after the POV competition by yelling at Jeff.  He feels that has made them bigger targets.

There is a lot of tension between them, and they are trying to have some privacy in that god forsaken house.

Apparently what set this off is that Rachel asked him to make some slop for her, and asked if he loved her.  He told her she was annoying and she asks if it is annoying for your fiance to talk about love.

Shelly is hovering nearby and doesn't get the hint to leave.  They march in the house to find another place to talk and Shelly says, "I'm not trying to crowd you..I'm just trying to blah blah blah out here (probably maid work)."

Shelly, to their backs while they march away:  Is everything OK?

Rachel, cheerily:  Yes, everything is fine!

Shelly, still not getting it:  Oh..that's a sure sign that something is wrong!

Brendon kind of laughs.  They head to the Tarot Room, aka The Parlor.

She tells him he is acting like an asshole, that he is selfish and doesn't like to listen.  He is also too critical of her.

Brendon keeps hushing her, but she's not screaming---she is just speaking in her ordinary tone.
Now they go around and round.  Brendon is more worried about people in the house hearing them, then listening to what Rachel has to say.  He forgot that we are watching, too, all evidence of his asshattery.  (Is that a word?)

You know, I watched these two last year, and this is a totally different situation.  I think both of them need to find someone else to live and love with.  This is a disaster.

PS  Shelly is hovering so much because Cassi told her a while ago that she is going to try and stay in the house.  Shelly supported her, but started asking everyone the minute she left the room if they are still voting to evict Cassi.  Kalia seems to be the one pushing Cassi for the last minute campaign, as well as the DR (I think.).  Kalia must realize that it is to her advantage to keep Cassi, since she is a clear target for Rachel.

Lots of good stuff going on in there today...lots of feed interruptions, too.

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