Friday, July 8, 2011

Porshe's Celebrity Crush

is Ashton Kutcher.  She thinks since he just got Two and a Half Men, that it might be easy to get him to come in the house.

Dominic asked Cassi if she would be mad if Vanessa Hudgens came in the house and he left with her, would she be mad?

Cassi:  I'd say, kick rocks!

Lawon would want to see Prince in the house.

Dom comments that he "really wants to see Taylor Lautner in the house" and they discuss that for a moment.  Dom says he "really wants to pet his hair".

Now a break.

No wonder they are whispering about who Dominic really is, with comments like that.  Maybe he is trying to appear non-threatening, but they think he's a shady liar.  (The DCA, that is.)

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