Sunday, July 24, 2011

Porsche Gets Her Hands on Dom

and touches up his haircut.  Cassi worked on it before she left, but now Porsche is making comments about how uneven and choppy her work was.

Brendon and Rachel come in and Brendon is planning to shave his head.  He is also shaving his face but Rachel doesn't want him to---she likes it "rugged".  Porshe agrees, and I think we all understand what Rachel is talking about, and Brendon apologizes to his parents "who are probably watching the live feeds right now".

Porsche:  Or that person who is typing in every word you say...

Dom:  Is someone really typing in every word I say?  (ha ha ha)


It feels like a double date in there right now--they are describing who they think their fan base is and are making fun of Adam's love of Hamsterwatch at the same time.

Porshce has been saying for awhile now that if Cassi would leave, she could put a hit on Dom because he is exactly her type---tall, dark, mixed race...

Jeff comes in and unfortunately starts in with the "Luigi" accent routine with Brendon.

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