Friday, July 8, 2011

Porsche and Keith Have a Heart to Heart

She is telling him how she feels about his actions last night.  He threw her under the bus and she now thinks every action he's had towards her has been designed to derail her game.
She brings up that Keith "said he liked her but then he asked Cassi to rub his shoulders".  (Sounds like jealousy to me.)

She gets emotional and is on the verge of crying.  At first, this seemed to get to Keith and he tried to wipe her tears but she brushed his hand away.  She sees him make motions at the camera when she leaves the room and is admittedly paranoid.  She couldn't sleep last night because her mind was reeling.

Keith is "being for real" and "doesn't want to go to the end with anybody but choo". 

They are going around and around and I'm sure he is staring at her cleavage.  She is wiping away tears.  I know this game is stressful and she feels like everyone is against her and I'm sure just being able to have some sort of direct conversation is making her cry---not just the situation with Keith.  She is realizing that this experience isn't going to be what she thought it was---she can't back up her pre-season bravado.
I don't think she mentioned that she knows Janelle, but she mentions an ex-boyfriend who is Italian who told her that "on BB-Italy they waited to vote off somebody until the last week because they were a good cook, and he showed me how to make meatballs".

(WTF?)  Now they are saying things like "you dissed me" and it it two steps forward and five steps back.

Really this is like overhearing a couple arguing in the next booth at O'Charleys.

Now she is saying that she didn't watch all of the seasons of Big Brother---just the Dick and Danielle and the Chicken George.....She wants to be in the entertainment business and the HG who are hated don't get jobs! 

I can't take anymore. I have to change channels on this trainwreck.

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