Saturday, July 9, 2011

Outdoor Lockdown?

I just got home and turned on the feeds, and the HG were stirring around like it was the beginning of their day.

Keith was eating yogurt or something like that out of a cup, scraping it with his spoon.  He didn't look so happy.

On the other hand, Rachel and Dani were in the kitchen happily chattering away with Jordan.  They want upstairs with Brendon and Jordan for a meeting in the HOH.  Their main topics of concern appeared to be the nominees.


1.  Keith - Brendon reports that Keith is already starting to wig out today.  Very jumpy and nervous.  Dani thinks he will try to make a deal with the HOH's, and Brendon agrees.

(I saw last night on BBAD that Cassi and Dominic were trying to give Keith a pep talk.  They told him he should calm down for the night, and then approach Brenchal to see what he could do.  Cassi said he might as well---he doesn't have anything to lose.  If he gets voted out, he's gone, but if he stays he gets to "chill for a couple of weeks".  So I guess the Powers that Be have decided to extend another Golden Key---Danielle won't be the only one now.)

(More evidence that Dick's departure was unplanned....)

2.  Porsche - Most of the time was spent discussing her.  Like what a dumb ass she is.  Yesterday Brendon told her to throw the competition so that she and Keith would stay on the block.  The plan being that Porsche would stay and Keith would go.  The DCA said that if she didn't throw it, they would know what they need to know about her lack of loyalty.  Last night Porsche told Rachel that she and Jordan both threw the Veto competition.  So now in the HOH Rachel asks Jordan about it.  Jordan was pissed, saying that she DID NOT throw it.  Porsche was in the shower and asked Jordan above the shower door about the competition.  Jordan said that she said how badly she felt that there were three girls working on a puzzle---Rachel who killed it, and Porsche who was throwing it, and Jordan was right there with her, making her feel stupid.  She was trying but did not throw it.

So that led to a torrent of "who does she think she is", and "what a dumbass to try to cause division within their group".  Brendon keeps saying that Porsche is a loose cannon and they all sound like they hate her.

Just then, a BB voice came over the loudspeaker and said, "I need everyone to go outside immediately!".  Then we got the FISH.

My Thoughts:

1.  This crew is really green.  We're not supposed to hear the BB voices, partly due to the fact that they aren't paid as performers so their voices can't be broadcast as part of "a show".  (Someone correct me if that is wrong, but that is what I heard years ago from someone who worked on BB.)

2.  Porsche started this week thinking she was the pawn.  And we all know how that works out.  If she pisses off Rachel, she's in big trouble.  I think it would be funny if she were the first voted off.  She wouldn't even get the jury face time and we all know that is what Porsche is there for---the FACE and BODY time.

3. But do they really want Keith to stick around for three more weeks?  I don't know how he performed on the Veto comp, but when they get to the challenges where they hang on to things and pray, Keith may do very well.  And they don't need Keith to be running around in charge of things that late in the game.

(Of course, the Duo format will be long over by then, but still....)

4.  Brenchal just might change the nomination, just because they can.  I heard Rachel say this to Brendon last night as they discussed their options.  That way they wouldn't be stuck with either Keith or Porsche for another few weeks.

(I hope Porsche gets voted out because I am sick of misspelling her name and having to correct it.  Her tough pre-show facade is long gone but I still don't like her.  To her credit, she isn't getting all dolled up and tarting around the house, though.  Even if that is just laziness that is good strategy on her part.)

So I think they might be on outdoor lockdown.  Maybe the producers are going to make a drug sweep with german shepherds, to clean up any residue left by Evel Dick.  Ha ha  just kidding...?  I know Adam and Matt from BB9 (**ugh**) were talking about popping oxycodone (sp?) and Adam mentioned he brought some in.  They had an outdoor lockdown and when they came back in said pills were gonzo.

So who knows.

They are in California--I wonder if they would be able to bring in medical marijuana if they have a valid perscription?  They have let past HG take valium and/or zanax, but only in the DR when it is dispensed by a physician.  They do that with Birth Control pills, too.

The night Chima flipped out I watched her guzzle wine and then take one of Natalie's 'period pills'.  That should have been Chima's defense, that she took someone else's medication and drank alcohol in view of the cameras.  If I saw it, surely Alison Grodner did, too.  Chima could have reversed the heat back on the show and maybe even won some cash.

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