Friday, July 8, 2011

The Other Adult Appears

Adam, of course.  She and Shelly whisper in the kitchen about just what the hell happened last night.

They think Keith is telling lies. 

Adam:  I can't trust him, I can't trust Dom!  He was up all night whispering with Cassi!

Shelly: I said....

(I guess the two of them are questioning their partners.  The new twist is going to be brilliant, as far as that goes.)

Adam describes a dream he had where he was the one who had to go home.  He went to a record store and Snoop Dog was doing a signing, and Adam was trying to creep around so no one would see him, due to the shame of what happened in the house.  He talks about his friend Anthony, who was taking a personal leave from work.  Adam tried to go over and tell him what happened, but other co-workers interrupted.

Shelly:  Boy, your head is really in the game, isn't it?

(I think Adam is imagining himself as Evel Dick, right?  I'm no psychotherapist, though.)

I'll bet Adam is a smoker---maybe they will rig up the smoke tent in the backyard for them.  I guess we'll never get to see Adam guest-hosting the Dick-at-Nite show live from the BB backyard.

Shelly can't help herself---she is cleaning that damn kitchen like nobody's business.  What else is there to do for her?
Adam is going back to sleep.  He is praying that "his ping pong ball gets picked today".  He knows he needs to win and probably thinks that Dom is negotiating his exit.

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