Friday, July 29, 2011

Notice Anything Different About Kalia?

Let's see....I think she bathed and took some pride in her appearance.

Also, she's not eating anything.

As usual, she is babbling a mile a minute.  They are discussing Shelly and they think that Rachel made up the lie that Shelly planned to nominate the two of them if she wins HOH.  Dani asked Shelly and also Jeff and Jordan and all denied that she said this.

Dani concluded that Rachel lied about it.  (I have heard Shelly say she would nominate them, but I don't remember who she was speaking to.)

The two of them can't doubt each other---Dani will not go against Kalia in this game.  They are starting to prepare for next week and think the competition will involve questions that involve evicted houseguests.

They discuss how creepy Lawon is, and the things he says.

Dani:  I liked hanging out with him with PT, because he was different, but now the things he says....

Kalia:  I's a totally different dynamic.

(Dani:  PT  PT  PT  PT  PT)

Dani wants to know who Kalia would choose in a tight situation-----Dani or Jordan?  Kalia is doing a whole lot of talking, but I haven't heard her answer the question.

Kalia does point out that Jordan didn't cheer for either of them, and no one brought them water and towels when it was all over.

Kalia:  Rachel did have to bring you that key....

Dani:  That killed her.....

Kalia just talks and talks and talks....

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