Sunday, July 17, 2011

Nothing Like a Good Cigarette After a Slopcake

Cassi goes outside to talk with Shelly and have a smoke.  They are both somber.  I'll bet Cassi will be very mad when she learns that Shelly has been working with Jeff and Jordan.

(Look at that top picture---I'm ready to apply for a job at Vogue!)

Cassi wishes they had been nominated first, like everybody wanted (per Jordan).  She think because the two of them are tall and thin, they could have easily won the POV.  (The players had to walk over a long beam.)

They whisper that if Jordan backdoored Rachel and Brendon, everybody would be thrilled.  And it would help out Danielle, too.  Cassi is putting together a little argument about how Brenchal would put them up in two weeks...her wheels are turning.

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