Thursday, July 14, 2011

Not A Creature is Stirring, Except for Shelly

As usual, Shelly is the first one up in the BB13 house.  She sat outside and smoked.  And smoked.  Then got out the ironing board to iron what I assume is her outfit for tonight.  She moves very quietly in the house, setting things down gently and carefully.  I'm sure she kind of likes the peace and quiet--and she doesn't have to worry about missing any scheming and lying.  It's hard for the other HG to scheme and lie in their sleep.

Now, Shelly's in there.

Turns out she was changing.  Apparently Shelly is taking a shower in her bikini.  How long do you think she can keep that up?

In past seasons of BB, some of the girls took showers in their bikinis, but I think Shelly can feel comfortable that the camera guys who are watching will not release any pictures of her nude.  At least, that has never happened that I am aware of. Sure people have gotten nude on camera, but we only see that if they are careless enough to let it happen outside of the shower area.

But I understand.  I would feel weird about it, too.  But being clean would be a priority for me.  And if Production let a nude picture of me in the shower be released inappropriately, I would certainly explore legal action.

Will Shelly ever get 'nekkid' in the shower?  I guess we'll have to wait and see....

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