Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The New Late Night Crew Appears To Be...

Jeff and Jordan.  Jeff got one of Jordan's long blonde hairs in his mouth and he's grossed out.

They are joking around and know they need to go to bed soon.  Giggling and wrestling.  Jordan's mother and brother probably went to the pool today.  Jeff missed Scott's birthday.

Jeff put Jordan in a leg lock like the UFC and she squealed that she hates hurts!

Now Jeff wants Jordan to drag him off the bed, like he needed to be rescued.  She struggles to move him.

Jeff: What if I was in a fire?

Jordan:  You'd burn!

Brendon came in the room and I think he told Jeff to go to the DR.  Jeff tells Jordan he'll come and get her so she can go in when he is done.   We got an old school control room screen for a few seconds, where you can see the monitors and the guys working the boards.

All feeds switch to Dani and Dom, huddled and whispering in the Padded Cell.

Childish banter and bratty insults from Dani.  Same old thing.

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