Sunday, July 10, 2011

More Tweeting From Evel Dick

I knew it would be hard for him to keep quiet.  He is still not saying why he isn't on the show anymore, but he is insisting that he wasn't booted.  It will be interesting to hear his side of the story, and then the CBS side of the story on Wednesday.

Why is CBS waiting until then?  Well, the format of the game and the coverage of the action is pretty structured.  On Sunday night (tonight) we will see the food competition and Brenchal's nominations.  Dick was in the house for the food competition, but I'm not sure if he was there for the nominations.  I think the nomination ceremony and Dick's departure happened on the same night, but I'm not sure about the order.

So tonight's show will cover action when Evel Dick was still a houseguest.  We certainly will be scanning all footage of him for clues, won't we?

Wednesday's show would be the proper time to address his departure, if you follow the broadcast timeline.  That show will feature the Veto competition and ceremony, both of which happened after Dick left.

Scroll down and read the first tweet on the list below.  What does that sound like to you?  Considering rehab?  I think Dr. Drew should contact Evel Dick and cast both he and his friend Puck Rainey on a Very Special Season of Celebrity Rehab.  Actually I think Dr. Drew should rename the show Reality Celebrity Rehab.

I'm guessing opiates.  But what the hell do I know....

Fun Fact:  Dr. Drew used to be sitting live with Julie Chen outside the Big Brother house during Season #1.  He would discuss the HG's state of mind and related issues on every live show.  The nominee's families were sitting out there, too, with a small audience. But as we know virtually every idea from Season #1 was later scrapped.  Thank God.

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