Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More Tidbits From Yesterday

  It is easier for me to crank these out in list form.

1.  Danielle apparently had at least one stalker after being on BB.  She asked the other All Stars if they had stalkers and the feeds were discontinued at that point.  When they came back on she started to say that the night she came out of the house, her cell phone......and the feeds went out again.  So I guess Dani had some security issues, huh?

2.  Jordan was distracted and yesterday, so Jeff thought it was because her "little friend was coming".  (Is he for real?)

3.  Jeff was pissed yesterday because he couldn't find the Triscuits.  Turns out that Porsche had hid them in the kitchen.  Jeff feels this is evidence that she can't be trusted and he wanted to vote her out---he discussed this in the HOH with his team mates. (the Care Bears?)  This brought up a discussion about how Porsche immediately grabbed the beers they got and allocated them evenly to each houseguest.   The nerve of her!

4.  Dani will go along with the group, but she would much rather spend time with Keith in the BB house (and the jury house, I guess).  Of course, Dani is working all of the guys so that would probably be better for her.  Keith likes her and she knows that is good for her game.

5.  Brendon and Rachel have started bickering, but they are trying to resist the urge to fight.  The pictures above show Brendon lecturing Rachel about her attitude and composure in the house.  He says she has a bad social game and gets very upset if she holds meetings as HOH without him since she is kind of a loose cannon.  He had to tell her to focus on winning the money for their wedding and beyond.  This pepped her up and she jumped out of bed in her sparkly dress.

6.  Brendon is doing a lot of talking about the deficiencies in Rachel's game with the other HG behind her back.  I don't think this is a good idea, but I'm sure it will make for good drama later.  He spoke with Kalia about it, and also Shelly.  And yesterday he suspended his conversation with Rachel in order to go and get Danielle to join them.  He wanted Dani to be there and told Rachel later that once he gets voted out, she will need to make sure she is still aligned with the right people.  Rachel really likes Porsche and Brendon cautions her that everyone else hates her, so that will hurt Rachel's game eventually.

7.  Rachel told Brendon that she doesn't expect to be friends with Dani after the game, and probably not even through the end of the BB season, based on what is going to happen in there.

8.  Is Brendon attracted to Dani?  Is Rachel jealous?  I'll get back to you on that, but as in last year's game, Brendon is on Rachel's ass about drinking too much, and not being able to control herself when doing so.

9.  I think Brendon and Rachel were making out on camera, but then the feeds switched.  Maybe that was in their contract.

10.  Brendon does not want any nude pictures of Rachel out there this year.  Rachel is forgetting about that already and he had to beg her to get under the covers to change yesterday.  She complained left and right about it but he won.  That time, he won.

So, there is trouble in paradise.  As we all know, there is no such thing as paradise, anyway, especially in the BB house.

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