Friday, July 8, 2011

More Speculation About Evel Dick

Now the mainstream media is all over this story. I guess there is no other big news until Casey Anthony is released from prison next week.

TMZ is featuring the story, and one of the comments caught my attention.

Basically:  What if it was a drug issue?

Dick looked like shit last night. What if he was getting high?  That would explain why Danielle isn't in tears over this, or why she doesn't need to leave herself.

Something just feels way off about this whole thing.  Way off.

Dick does strike me as someone who would feel that the normal rules don't apply to him.  So maybe he brought in something, or had one of the crew bring him something.   What is the deal with his face?  He doesn't seem the type to get a facelift, but obviously something has happened for his face to be so swollen.

And I think Alison Grodner would look the other way on a lot of behaviors from him, as we've already experienced in BB8.  So I think it would take a lot of rule-breaking for him to be dismissed so early.  It's hard to tamper with the game when it hasn't even started.

Or maybe this is a show plot--the news reports that we will learn about Dick's exit on Wednesday July 13th, on A Very Special Big Brother episode.  I know they have a few shows in the can already, but this seems a little too 'scheduled' for me. I mean, we never even saw him on the live feeds! 

I trust TMZ to get on this and get some answers.  You know, like they did this morning after NeNe Leakes' son Bryson was arrested.

You can see the TMZ coverage here.

On a personal note, I would NEVER fuck a man who wears nail polish.

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