Friday, July 1, 2011

Meet Shelly Moore

This interview was conducted by Matt Whitfield at  You can watch it here.

You know, I look at these pictures of the houseguests and am usually surprised when I hear them speak.  Shelly's voice doesn't sound at all like I thought it would.  She is 41 years old and lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  So it was a surprise that I didn't hear an accent, and she speaks in complete, well crafted sentences.

She works with a company who works with entrepreneurs to bring their inventions to market (sourcing, production, etc.).  Shelly is a "religious fan" of Big Brother since the very first season.  As the seasons progressed she wanted to know more and more about it so she started watching the live feeds.  She wanted to see the results of the competitions before the TV show so she started buying the feeds in the past two years and her family joins in.  It's their summer pleasure.

(I have seen it reported that Shelly wrote updates on the live feeds, but that is not how I interpret what she just told Matt.  By saying she was "a live feeder" I think she meant that she watched the feeds.)
She is married with an 8 year old daughter---leaving her family for the summer is the hardest thing she has ever had to do.  She wants her daughter Josie to be able to step out of her comfort zone as a young lady and take risks.  Josie is used to her mom travelling a lot---Shelly visits Europe and China for her job so she is used to her being gone, but now she can see her on TV and that might help.

She thinks she is most like Dan from BB10, but "conduct-wise she is probably more like Jeff and Jordan".  She wants to be respectful and classy, and maybe just  little bit ruthless.  She went into the casting call because she thought the producers would want to see "just a real life person".  She's a "jeans and T-shirt kind of person, not into big boobs and just wants to have fun".  She thinks her business skills will help her in the house, dealing with the different types of people.

Matt assures her she will meet different types of people, probably with some big boobs and wild personalities.

Egomanics and whiney people will get on Shelly's nerves.  Also "people who are more about their assets than what is inside".

Shelly points out that this game tests your physical and mental strength and your ability to handle paranoia.  She knows that she has to keep space between her and and her allies so that it isn't obvious.  She thinks she will try to align with someone quickly (uh oh) and she "will be able to tell by their face" who is trustworthy.  She wants to align with one male and one female.  She can hang with the boys as well as the girls.  It's all about having fun.  She doesn't want to be the house mom, but points out that you are a reflection of your environment and she doesn't want to be seen as a slob.  She likes a clean house.

She thinks people might need a mom-type pep talk once in a while.  If she is confronted with an Evel Dick type person she needs to be careful revealing too much to them, because they will exploit it and harass you with it.  She uses Dick's relationship with Amber as an example, says he is a bully, but he played a good game.

(I do think this summer will be the Evel Dick show.........maybe with Eric as his duo partner? Or Jen Johnson--that would be a shocker?)

She thinks you have to be able to read people in this game.  She won't be a floater---she is leaving her family for 3 months and she is going to play hard.  She won't be an evil person, but she may need to lie and backstab.  This is three months, but it's not her life, so it's okay.

She knows eating slop is part of the package.  She's not going to whine about it---it is part of the game and she wants to know what it tastes like!

Matt assures her that she won't like it.  He's tasted it and he knows.

Now it's time for "This or That?"

Vanilla or Chocolate?  Chocolate
Twitter or Facebook?  Facebook
Liberal or Conservative?  Conservative.  (Matt:  Really???)
Lust or Love? What's that?  Love.
Fights or Walk Away?  Fight.
$500,000 or new best friend for life?  $500,000 (laughing)

Now it's Shelly's turn to pitch to the cameras...why should we root for her?
Shelly:  America, you want somebody who is real and is going to play the game and just go after it. I'm gonna have a good time and a lot of fun and we'll win together and take that money and spend it!

My Thoughts:  I thought she should have capitalized on the fact that she is a super fan to appeal to us.  (I tried to like Ronnie Talbot for that very reason but he lost me with his shenanigans.)  I like Shelly and I hope she can deal with the likes of Rachel and not flip out. 

Have you seen any big fake boobs yet?  I haven' I think Rachel will fill that quota for us.  I predict Shelly and Rachel are going to GO AT IT.  And Rachel better grab her lifevest because Shelly is going to KICK HER ASS!

I hope Shelly doesn't disappoint and go all Sheriff Kathy on us.  I guess time will tell.  I hope Shelly talks to the live feeders like Britney does. 

Do you think Shelly smokes?  I'm betting she's no stranger to the ashtrays and can bond with Evel Dick outside as the two oldsters.

(My heart is going to be broken if the Duos don't include Dick and Rachel---I am ready for some DRAMA.)

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