Saturday, July 2, 2011

Meet Porsche Briggs #2

This interview was conducted by Bob for Real Superpass.
She is still wearing that rather unfortunate top she wore on Press Day.  She begins the session by announcing that she is 23, and a VIP Cocktail Waitress.  (I think that means a bottle girl.)  She loves working at Mint lounge and thnks it is the best cocktail lounge in Miami. She's been working there for 2 1/2 years.

She is a big Big Brother fan--its a once in a lifetime kind of show.  She is afraid of being compared to Jen Johnson from BB8 because Jen was very pretty, and said she was a waitress also and a nanny.  She doesn't want people to "get the wrong impression of pretty girls" off the bat.

(Like, you two are the only "really pretty" girls we all know?  And there have been no other "really pretty" girls on BB since Season #8?)

She has a bit of a temper and learns from her mistakes but she hopes she doesn't lose it on anybody in the house.  The last time she got mad was "when someone cheated, and that didn't go over so well".
One of her favorite houseguests was Natalie---I think she means BB11 Natalie, but I guess she could mean BB5 Natalie or BB9 Natalie.  She's not, like, real specific but frankly I don't care for any one of the three choices.

She is on Twitter but is not currently updating it much.  The name on the account is Porsche Miami.  (I'm not going to look that one up but please feel free to do so.)

Her biggest fear of the twist would be having an enemy come in the house. She is learning who her true friends are.  She likes to watch Survivor and Amazing Race because it is a true competition where you have to work hard to win.

The three things she will miss while she is in the house are her friends, her Chihuahua Tequila, and the lifestyle she has--being pretty carefree at a young age. If she wins she is going to use the money to move out of South Florida and maybe starting some sort of small business making short films with her friends.

(I would make fun of that, but she did date Josh Hartnett so who knows who "her friends" are.)

She wants us to know that she is a nice, pretty girl, she is not stuck up, she does not use men, and even though in her profession she gets a lot of perqs, she does appreciate everything she has.  Her strategy in the house is to lay low, stay in the middle and pretty neutral until Week #5 or #6 and she really needs to win.  She doesn't think she can have real friends in the house---she would never give up $500K for a showmance.

She is going to lie about her profession because she thinks people would think she manipulates men for money so she is going to say she is a student.  She doesn't want them to think she has a lot of money.  Being pretty is going to be an intimidation factor with the rest of the girls so she is going to downplay that for a while.

She is going to miss the freedom to do what she wants, when she wants.  If she could take in a luxury item, it would be her dog.  She hopes whoever "meets her at the end has her dog Tequila with them".

One of her biggest accomplishments that she is very proud of is being "pretty much on her own since she was 16", and being "all the way on her own since she was 18".  And now due to the employment choices she has made, she gets to support them--her family is very close.  She thinks she can win because she is friendly and outgoing and loyal and the others will see that.

She has no idea what the twist might be.  She hopes she doesn't cry in the house, but that they are tears of joy near the end.  She doesn't want to hide too much in the house because the  lies would become hard to keep track of .

She thinks she is different from the other beautiful girls in the house because they were all bitches.

(Uh huh.  Just keep talking, Porsche....)

She would love to become America's Player due to the extra money she would get, and she hopes America loves her and picks her to play.  She is very strategic and she wants to win the money.  Once again she brings up Jen Johnson and how she was very pretty, but had a bad attitude and doesn't want people to have the wrong impression.  She is repeating exactly what she said in the beginning!

Her ex-boyfriends could probably care less that she is on the show and probably won't even watch it.  Her current friends are proud of her and can't wait to see what happens.  They are all watching the live feeds.  She is grossed out by "small animals" and she hopes there is no challenges with "small reptiles".

(Uh...don't you have a Chihuahua?  And is a reptile an animal?  Do you mean lizards?  WTF?)

Uh oh.  Now she addresses Janelle directly:

Porsche:  Hey Janelle!  You were a great beautiful blonde on the show and I hope people want to keep me around as long as they did you!

My Thoughts:  She must be very tired.  If she is making so many gaffes in this short of an interview (less than 8 minutes), then how fast is she going to put her foot in her mouth  once in the house?  And do you think she will be pissed when she sees Cassi, who is undoubtedly prettier than she is.....

After watching this, I think she may slap Keith into next Tuesday if he makes any move on her.


  1. You probably didn't need those painful 8 minutes of banter to come to the conclusion that she is the epitome of cliche dumb blonde. I know her personally, and the funny part is that she claims to be an "aspiring actress" and never labeled herself as a "waitress", and even funnier would always mention how she would "never do a reality show" because she was an actress and above it. She is a liar, she totally does take advantage of men for money, and things ( ask her about how she got her car ( a porsche ) -- yes a man gave it to her. She also didn't date Josh H. she made out with him, and those pictures of him and "her " are not her. She is crazy and totally thinks she's the hottest piece of work in miami beach, i wish her luck and I hope that those housemates eat her alive .

  2. Welcome Alexandra and thank you for your valuable insights! Please come back and let us all know the scoop anytime!

    I saw those pictures of the girl in the overalls holding hands with Josh, and it didn't look much like her, to tell the truth.

    I am hoping she steals Brendon from Rachel! Wouldn't that be fun? But he is broke, though, so maybe that option is out....


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