Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Meet Lawon Exum #2

This interview was conducted by Bob exclusively for Real Superpass.  I will not be repeating basic information about Lawon that was covered in my first interview recap last week.  You can read that here.

The three words that describe Lawon  ("La-wan") are unexpected,  vivacious and handsomexy.  Which is handsome and sexy put together--Lawon made up that word himself.

Oh lord---Lawon says that the BB season that he likes best was Season #1, because of Will.  Will didn't wear a mask, he did what he did, and he looked good at all times.

(Of course, if you are taking the time to read this and you care about Big Brother, you know Will was on SEASON TWO, not Season #1.)

Lawon also watches the Real Housewives, particularly the New Jersey series.  If he wins, the first thing he wants to do is take care of his mother.

(Lawon starts answering each question by repeating it, then answering, then summarizing the question and his answer.  I have had training in public speaking, and that is what they teach you to do when making presentations to a crowd.  Maybe he's just stalling for time, though, since his energy level seems low here.)

The twist he fears the most is....he has no fear.  Life is full of twists and he's not worried about it.  They may ask him to 'do cartwheels for one hour' or to 'take off his shirt and wrap it around his head' and he's expecting anything.

(Um, okay.)

There are no past houseguests who can be compared to him.  No competition as far as that goes.  Everybody is going to judge him a different way and see him differently.
He's going to be himself---a bright light of personality--and everybody is going to want to be around him.  He's going to pick his own alliance, but if he has the right group of people around him he can win.  His charisma will draw people to him.

He's not looking for a showmance, but if it will help him in the house, he might "do that trick" and go "Boo Boo and Woo Woo" and whatever it takes, but he isn't going in there to find someone.  If he sees you first and you like him, then guess what, he's going to flirt with you and kiss you and do what he needs to do to get that $500,000.

He's going to tell everyone that he just graduated from Univ. of Maryland, even though it happened 10 years ago.  He's not looking forward to dealing with other people's bad hygeine.  He may have to throw some people in the pool---hygeine is going to be a big factor for him. His biggest accomplishment is losing 50 pounds and keeping it off for over 8 years.  He thought he was great back then, too, but losing the weight has boosted him to being a star.

If he wins he wants to buy a big closet full of vintage clothes to show off his style to the world.  He went to the last week of casting calls and "the rest is history".  He's just going to eat whatever nasty thing he has to eat in competitions---chopped onions, multi-vitamins, whatever.  (?)

He calls out Dr. Will and says that he is going to win "for us", and that Dr. Will should be a fan of his.

My Thoughts:  As I've said before, I don't think Lawon is a complete package.  Beyond his little mannerisms and slogans, he doesn't seem to have very much to say.   So maybe he will be the first big fighter.  He seems somewhat unstable, so let's hope Production and Security are keeping an eye on him.  Because what he's seeing isn't necessarily reality.

As far as Dr. Will goes, he released a statement recently to assure us that he and Mike Boogie are far too busy with their professional endeavors to appear on the show this summer.  He also plugged all of those various endeavors like Mike Boogie's new Reality Whore show, Famous Food, and his own growing roster of Dr. Tattoff clinics and his line of QVC products.

And he also said this year's group of houseguests should provide us MINUTES of entertainment.  Ha ha leave it to Will to shut it down.

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