Monday, July 4, 2011

Meet Kalia Booker #2

This is a recap of an interview conducted by Bob for Real SuperPass.  I will not repeat any information I already reported in my first interview recap with Kalia.  You can read that here.

That was a newsy little interview, so I am hoping Kalia still has something to say in this one as well.  Don't disappoint us Kalia.
She writes a relationship blog in L.A.  She started blogging and it just took off so she got all sorts of opportunities from it.  It is an anonymous blog, and she likes this because she can still report on her friends' relationship issues and it's okay--no one knows who they are.

Kalia:  I could tell you the name of the blog and you would all know it.

(Really?  Has someone found the blog yet?)

She says her name is on a number of bylines if we google it.  She wrote for Steve Harvey and was an actress for awhile.  She's on Twitter.  Something like @KaliaBalia, or exactly like that since she spells it out for us.

She is a huge BB fan and loves Danielle BB8 and James.  I'm assuming she means James Rhine from BB6 and All Stars, not the Crazy one.

She admits to loving reality TV, like Biggest Loser, Keeping up with the Kardashians.  Also Project Runway a few years ago and other talent competitions.   She is a "huge clothes whore" and will definitely be shopping with some of the money if she wins.  She also "wants to put a down payment on something like a condo---she really wants to own instead of renting".  She lived in NY for 6 years so she's tired of renting.  She also needs to pay her mother back for money she loaned her, and she will also give some to her church back home.

(Don't forget those taxes Kalia.)

She struggles to think of something new to say when asked something about her that the fans would love or hate.  After a moment she hesitates, but then tells us that she was in the final six actresses on The Cosby Show to play Bree (or Brie? - I didn't watch the show.)  and that she later went to college with the actress that won the role (or Roll, for the Brie? ha ha ha sorry).

She knows it is hard to pick a strategy, but she wants to make sure everybody likes her and thinks she is taking them to the end.  She doesn't plan to trust anybody, however.  She will throw competitions like crazy--at least for the first three HOHs. 

She won't "hook up with anyone for real" on the show. She doesn't want to be all weepy and lovey on television, and she mentions how Erika got shunned by Mike Boogie on live TV.  She hates living with people!  If BB makes her famous, she would be hanging out with Lindsey Lohan and would show her The Parent Trap and make her remember the old days.  (She was prodded so say something about Lindsey Lohan.)

She misses her Blackberry since "they" took it from her.  She wants it back!  She apologizes to her mom, but she misses the Blackberry more than her.

She addresses Danielle Reyes and tells her that this year a cute black girl is going to win---Kalia is going to do it for her.

My Thoughts:  How long before Kalia goes postal?  I think Kalia will be on the Jury.

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  1. I have been searching for her relationship blog and have yet to find it. If someone does find it, let me know! lol


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