Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Meanwhile, Kalia Breaks Dom's Heart

by telling him in the Padded Cell that Cassi threw him under the bus over and over and over.

Dom is pissed.  Understandably so.

Is this even true?  Not to my knowledge.  Kalia is spouting pearls of wisdom to Dom in her usual speedy way.  She basically goes from group-to-group whispering and gossiping and disputing what she just told the last group.

It's pretty impressive.

And totally annoying.

Jeff and Brendon can't stand her and can't wait to give her the boot.  I think they both do a great job being pretty nice to her face, if a little patronizing.

Kalia is bullet-pointing Shelly's game---I think she is trying to help Dom put together a way to get the votes to stay.  Dom knows that Jeff & Jordan want him out--he doesn't think that Rachel & Brendon want to go against their team.

(Brendon and Rachel want him out, too.)

Meanwhile Shelly is on the patio smoking and telling Adam that Kalia constantly says she hates him.

Shelly:  Let me put it this way...if her lips are moving, she's lying!

Adam:  She's in there talking to Dom now...some of the things she's sayin'......

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