Saturday, July 16, 2011

Meanwhile, Back in the HOH

Jeff and Jordan are wrapping up their conversation with Shelly.  Shelly knows they will get put up when Dom wins the Veto.

Shelly lets them know she's with them, but it won't look like that when she is with the other newbies.  Jeff and Jordan understand.

Jordan:  I just hate it because I like her.  (Cassi)  I actually like her more than I like Rachel, because she's real.  She's like us..

Right at that very moment, Cassi is knocking on the HOH door.

When she comes in Shelly leaves and Cassi makes herself at home.  She tells them she is happy for Dominic.

Cassi:  I just want to let ya'll know that if you want to work together, I"m all for it. Ya'll are playing the game the way I'd like to play this game.  And that's it.

Jordan:  I'm sorry, I'm just...(tired?)

Cassi:  Oh I know, mama.  Ya'll got stuff to do.

Jeff:  We've got to talk to these yoyos.

Cassi plans to keep her mouth shut and "let her do herself in".  She leaves and says she will talk to them later. Jordan says she looks cute.

Jordan:  I don't want to get rid of her.

Jeff:  But we have to, or else we're switching sides.


Jeff: If we don't get rid of her, then everybody will be against us.  Danielle won't trust us...

Jordan:  And Brendon and Rachel.

Jeff points out that even if they keep Cassi, she trusts Dom more than them and will go with him.  Jordan discusses what would need to happen to get everyone to go against Brendon and Rachel.  They don't sound like they are up for that, but it is interesting that they brought it up.

And right on cue, Brendon and Rachel appear in the HOH.

Rachel immediately apologizes to Jordan for what happened, standing respectfully near the door.

Rachel:  I'm sorry.  I was out of line.

Meanwhile Brendon hugs Jeff warmly.

I'm proud of that last picture.  There was a short window of opportunity there and I took it.

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