Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lots of Skin on the Feeds Today

Today is a sunny day in California, and after several days of  being cooped up indoors, the HG are ready to bask in the rays.

Porsche is getting ready to go in the backyard, fiddling with the strings on her bikini.  Meanwhile you can see Cassi in the bottom camera shots telling a story to Brenchal about going out with a friend of hers.  Some girl in the bar asked Cassi if she was wearing underwear, and Cassi replied "that is none of your fucking business!"  She is quite chatty with those two, discussing their plans to have children.  Cassi's older brother is the one with the drug problem, from the sound of it.  (She mentioned this in her pre-season interviews---that someone in her family had an issue with drugs.)  Cassi smokes, too.

Still the same situation in that picture.  You know, Porsche is a pretty girl, but I don't think her body is as great as she thinks it is.  As far as America goes, she is certainly in the 98 percentile (I don't understand exactly what that means, but I know it is good.), but for someone who built herself up to be the hottest girl on the planet, I think her body needs a little work.  Particularly for someone of her age---she could use some toning on her lower body.  Just buying the fake tits doesn't mean your body is great, Porsche.

Even Kalia is showing some booty, as you can see here.  She is wearing her bikini but is putting makeup on like crazy. She is even using a curling iron on her hair on the feeds at the moment.  I mean, WTF?  She is treating this like backstage at a strip club.  Maybe she will even wear high heels out to the pool.  I have to admire her efforts, though.  I mean, what else does she have to do today?  And it gives her a chance to talk to anyone who walks through the bathroom.  Which basically includes everyone, sooner or later.

And Jeff is soaking in the pool, talking to Dominic who is sitting in the shade wearing a shirt.  Party pooper.  Jeff and Dom are talking game, but in generalities.  Jeff is arguing against the us. vs. them mentality.

And Jordan is out there too, eating something in a bowl and talking to Jeff and Dom.  The only time she felt safe in the BB11 house is when she or Jeff were HOH.  She was nervous and on edge the whole time.  At night Dom and Jeff really go at it with the sarcasm and jokes.  Jeff enjoys the banter, I think, and Dominic is very quick, witty and funny.  Remember that he told them he is 18, rather than his actual age of 25.  Some of his opinions and insight make him seem a lot older than 18, but admittedly I haven't socialized with many 18 year olds lately.  You can see Kalia curling her hair in the top picture, chatting with Lawon who is still maintaining a pretty low profile.   Keith has been gunning to get Kalia and Lawon nominated in his place, saying that Lawon is leaking info to the newbies that he heard from the DCA.

The cameras flash over to Adam, who is saying to the girls on the patio that he is "the Steve Sanders of his group".  Steve Sanders?  From 90210?  Uh, okay.  Sure, Adam, sure.

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