Sunday, July 24, 2011

Looking Ahead....My Thoughts

We all know that the situation changes daily, sometimes hourly in the Big Brother house.  But as of now, it looks like Brendon will keep the nominations the same, and Dom will be voted out.

This will shock Dani, who will assume that Adam will be leaving.  After she gets over the disappointment of Jeff not getting backdoored, that is.'s Thursday night, and Dominic has just left the game.  If Dani is smart enough to know that the Veterans are on to her, she will hang on for dear life in the endurance competition.

Can she win?  I think she has a good chance.  I also think Dominic would be formidable in an endurance comp, since he is both strong and light.  But I don't think Dominic will be there, and he will have Dani to thank for that.

If the competition doesn't favor people with big feet (like several last year), then Brendon will be in trouble.   And maybe Jeff.  Of course Kalia won't be able to hold on, nor does she want to.

Jeff did very well in the endurance comp in his season--remember when they were swinging around in a circle, and then that huge diploma came out of nowhere and started slapping them around?  That was priceless.

Shelly might be able to hang on.  True she has a steel rod in her back, but she has a mother mentality and is tough.  Watching her, she has mental abilities that are incredible---she doesn't let her cards show.  I think mental strength-mind over matter--is crucial in those painful endurance challenges.

But back to Danielle----she was a fierce competitor in BB8, and won many HOH's and POV's.  But what I really remember her for is the nonstop whining and pouting.  The "going to bed and crying" routine.  Maybe having her dad around made those childish tendencies worse  (the "pay attention and love me daddy syndrome") but I guess we'll see.

We'll soon see how tough Danielle Donato is.  And how resourceful....

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