Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lawon Reappears

after he realizes that Dom and Dani did not go to bed when he did.

Lawon: I was like, knocked the fuck out and I was like what???

(He repeated that informative line several times.)

Dom, staring at Lawon's feet:  For someone with such great style, how can you rock the Crocs all the time?  And why orange?  Why do you like orange so much?

Lawon:  Illinois!  Illinois!


They finally file down the hall with Lawon and go in the backyard to discover that the day has indeed arrived in the BB backyard.

Dominic is sleeping all alone in the Have Not Room and gets as comfortable as he can.  Rachel and Brendon offered the couch in the HOH room to him several times, but I guess he didn't want to take them up on it. (Can't say I blame him there.)

You know, Lawon is very, very stupid.  On BBAD he was telling Shelly about how he pays his bills six months ahead of time---all he has to pay is his rent, his car payment, and I guess his other living expenses.

He repeated over and over "Guess what?  I pay my bills!"

Shelly finally got out of him that his car  is a lease, as well as the payment amount and interest rate.

Shelly:  That's a lot of car.....what benefit do you get from paying 6 months in advance?

Lawon:  Guess what?  I just want to pay it off as soon as possible!

Shelly:  But that doesn't lower the interest that you the end of the lease you won't have a car...all you are doing is giving that company money ahead of time---its a benefit for them.

She went on to say that only a moron would buy the car at the end of the lease.  (Uh.....I'm not sure Lawon even realized that he won't own the car when the lease is over.)

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