Monday, July 25, 2011

Lawon Looks Confused

as he arrives for his meeting in the HOH with Brendon and Rachel.

Note that Lawon has been very nervous about going up on the block during the Veto ceremony today.  He is so out of the loop it isn't funny, because Dom is the clear target, and backdooring Jeff is something that has been whispered about for a week among the newbies.  Brendon and Rachel's objective is to go ahead and evict Dom, but to get some assurance from Lawon that he will vote the way they tell him to for awhile.

But now Brendon starts off smooth, saying that Lawon is probably one of the most entertaining people on the cast, and it would "be a travesty" to send him home early.  He tells him that Kalia has tried to throw him under the bus numerous times, but they would much rather send Kalia home then him.

Lawon:  See, I think of this as a corporation.  You and Rachel are the executives, and I see myself as the executive assistant, with my social skills.

Brendon interrupts him:  You're up all night with those people...what do they talk about, what do they say?

Lawon:  I don't talk game with them....

Brendon:  Well, somebody has had to say something...who they want to put up....who wants to backdoor Jeff.....

Lawon:  Well, blah blah blah as far as me and Danielle, blah blah blah

Rachel:  What about Kalia?  What does she say?

Lawon:  As far as me and her, we're communicatin' and I'm like, if you have a problem with me, let me know....

Brendon:  We're out here getting our hands dirty, and we'd like you to keep your ears open and tell us what people are saying...

Lawon:  Oh, yes!

Brendon:  But what have people been saying?

Lawon goes around in circles, saying he wants to be with them until the end, and this is how he wants to play the game, but he doesn't say anything of value.

(As covered here in the past few days, Dani and Dom indeed do not discuss game in front of Lawon.  They wait for him to go to bed and then he reappears like a bad virus.)

When questioned about Shelly, Lawon says she "went right out the gate", which I guess means she started playing immediately.

Rachel is putting on her makeup during the meeting.

Brendon lets Lawon know that he expects EVERYTHING they talk about to stay in the room and not be repeated.  Of course Lawon agrees to that.

Brendon:  Kalia has been offering herself to be nominated for weeks now, with you going home.  Even yesterday she was telling us that you were one of the votes to keep Porsche.

Lawon: Me?  I was the vote?

Brendon:  The funny thing is, we know it wasn't you.

Lawon:  OK, thanks.

Brendon:  So those people downstairs can't wait to stab you in the back.  What will solidify your position with  us is to be 100% honest with us, and to let us know immediately what they say downstairs about us...

Lawon:  Absolutely.....actions speak louder than words.....

Brendon:  One thing to remember is that we've essentially been in power for 3 weeks, and you haven't been evicted, you haven't even been put on the block.

Rachel:  And it's not because of Kalia....

Lawon:  Uh huh.  Okay...

Brendon:  And Danielle is with us and we trust her, but she has been acting funny lately, she wants us to do what she wants to do.....And I know you trust Dom, and he was up here last night and he wanted to nominate you...for you to go up and be now is the time for you to choose. If you want to work with  us, we expect you to be honest and forthright with us.  Keep staying up late, just tell us what happens.  And anyone who tells a lie around her doesn't get away with know that.

Lawon:  I stay up...I listen...I never heard anything about you two in this game.

Brendon:  But we want to hear what people's plans are...not just about us.

(A client called me and I missed the rest of the conversation, but I am fairly certain it was the same old shit.  Brendon was really good at this....)

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